Sunday, 15 January 2012

Jumble Fever & The Road To Harborough

Less Than A Month Away
Here is the new style of poster we will be using for the fairs in 2012. If you would like a copy to print for yourself please email There will be a new poster for each individual fair, I hope they convey all the necessary information in the simplest way possible whilst still being eye catching (I think it was Polonius who said something along the lines of 'brevity being the soul of wit).
A big thank you to the Graphics Fairy, visit this great blog by clicking the button in the righthand sidebar.
Returning To Northampton In March
The fair will return home to Northampton in March and we hope to see all the lovely people who ventured out in the cold to visit  Saturdays Vintage Jumble in Northampton.
The Fair In Buckingham 
In April the fair will be visiting Buckingham for the first time, so I will have ample opportunity to sit in tea shops eating scones while I decide which shops to approach to see if they will display the poster.
Dusty Bin & Friend
These poor characters did not find a new home on Saturday! I found them as I walked around the sales rooms just before he end of the Jumble. It was a great event and we want to thank all our stall holders who really got into the 'Jumble spirit', there were some great bargains and the stalls looked really colourful, unfortunately I could not take photos before the doors opened as I had neglected to bring the camera chip!!
The Odd Couple
An early sign that it was going to be a really good Jumble was the crowd of people who were packed into the foyer from 10.30am, you were all so patient and waited without complaining, thank you! I held on until 10.56am and then decided to open the doors as there was a queue outside too.
Crinoline Lady
People then just kept arriving for the next hour and a half, I did not have a chance to get up, my voice was  rapidly breaking down from all the meeting and greeting, I did not get a chance to look into the sales rooms but from what I was told it was very busy indeed.
Lovely Old Bottles Look Great Filled With Beads or Buttons
There was a great atmosphere and I knew things must be busy when visitors took there drinks outside as the 'old style' tea shop was full! I did offer to get some chairs but they were not required.
Happy Faces
Half way through the Jumble I finally had time to go and move my car which was not parked particularly well and realised that all the surrounding roads were full of cars, I think most belonged to people at the fair! I had to drive a good distance and finally found a spot, walking back to the fair it was really nice to see lots of smiling faces as parents and children carried their finds home.
A Much Depleted Cutlery Box
The intention of the Jumble was to bring a bit of cheer to the cold month of January. We hope you had a wonderful time, and look forward to seeing you all again soon.

Best wishes for 2012.

Wednesday, 11 January 2012

A Home Full Of Jumble

Grab A Vintage Bargain
Hello everyone, just having a quick break from gathering together all the stock we are going to bring to the Jumble on Saturday. There are piles of things lining the landing and boxes full of oddments filling any available floor space and there is a shed full of pictures waiting to be liberated.
St Matthews In Northampton
There will be lots of stalls selling vintage and handmade items, many will be at reduced cost to bring a touch of vintage warmth to the depth of winter (the forecast is for colder weather at the weekend).
Come along, have a drink and homemade cake in the 'old style' tea-shop, and return home with your vintage finds.
The Jumble is taking place in the Parish Centre which is situated behind St Matthews Church on Kingsley Park Terrace. 
See you at the Jumble!

Friday, 6 January 2012

Best Wishes & Jumbles

Best Wishes For 2012
We would like to wish all our stall holders and everyone who visits the fair all the very best for the New Year. 2012 is going to be a busy year, the fair will be visiting Stamford and Buckingham for the first time as well as returning to Market Harborough on 11th February. Dates for Olney and Northampton will be announced soon.
St Matthews Saturday January 14th 11am-2pm
We are starting the year with our first 'Vintage Jumble', it will be a 'cheap and cheerful' mini fair to beat the winter blues. There will be lots of lovely vintage and handmade items at reduced cost so come along and bag a vintage bargain.

Best wishes for 2012 and hope to see you soon.