Thursday, 20 September 2012

Last Saturday's Fair In Northampton And A Visit To Buckingham

My Favourite Image From The Day

This image is from a calendar from the early 30s used to advertise a hotel in Skegness (know locally in Northampton as windy Skeggy), it is one of pair we found on Saturday, many thanks to Chris for bringing them along.

30s Ladies
The images once used to advertise everyday things such as detergents and in this case a hotel are so much more stylish than their modern-day counterparts.

Claire Bloom
We also found a copy of Illustrated featuring a striking picture of the actress Claire Bloom, it took me a while to think of who it is that she reminds me of, her resemblance to the brilliant painter Frida Kahlo is remarkable.

Frida Kahlo
Sadly neither Claire or Frida were able to be at Saturday's fair although I am happy to say that lots of vintage lovers came along to bask in the sun and pick through the stalls.

A Colourful Display In The Main Sales Room

We had a great time at last Saturday's fair at St Matthews in Northampton. Inside the parish centre there were two sales rooms brim full of stalls and vintage goodies. The collection above is from Lost Property Vintage. Vintage kitchenalia and period homewares are always well represented at our fairs, with 50s and 60s pieces being most popular. 

More Vintage Colour

Sitting in front of the stage was a great display of larger kitchen items and two lovely cabinets which attracted a lot of attention. Formica topped tables, here in blue and white, look great and well work in smaller kitchens. The blue and white Tala meat safe is made of metal and would make a statement in any setting, it was in lovely condition, if the door had been yellow I'm sure it would have returned home with us.

Some Lovely Kitchen Pieces

The deep shade in the photo is not due to a dingy sales room or an attempt on the part of the photographer to create a 'moody' image but is more testament to the strength of the sunlight pouring through the door. 

60s Domestic Style
The vintage kitchen look should of course be complemented by suitable vintage attire such as this outfit presented by Vicky from The Nostalgic Kitchen. 

Apron and Pearls

There was a great atmosphere inside the fair and the 'old style' tea-shop was so busy that all the cakes had been eaten by 2.30pm! The sun had been shining since daybreak and the sky was clear blue which was great for all our stall holders who had accepted the invitation to set up outside on the lawn. This was the first time that we had arranged for stalls to be outside and it proved to be very popular, the stalls looked great and formed a little 'vintage street' which quickly filled with customers and remained busy all afternoon.

Under The Warm September Sun

Using the outside enabled us to have even more stalls than we usually have when we visit St Matthews and the colourful scene on the lawn certainly drew in lots of people and sales both inside and out were buoyant.

Vintage In Phippsville

The area around St matthews Church is known as Phippsville, taking the name from the local brewer Pickering Phipps whose family built the church in his memory. The houses in the adjacent road facing the lawn are 'Arts and Craft' in style and provided a pretty back-drop for the fair.

Hats Off To Vintage

I decided to take advantage of the sun and decided to move the 'entrance table' outside onto the carpark and enjoyed the 'last day of summer'.

'Like' The Fair On Facebook

I tucked a sign in the flower border in the church garden to let me people know about the fair's Facebook page, which I started earlier this year in March. Here is a link that will take you there,

Vibrant 70s Plastic
Without really realising that time was passing the time approached 3pm and it was time to pack away. I hope that all our stall holders and everyone who came along enjoyed the day.

The Courtyard In Buckingham
A few days later I found myself in Buckingham, visiting some lovely independent shops including the Courtyard At No 6 and Fox Vintage.

Fox Vintage
Both The Courtyard (there is a lovely cobbled space at the rear of the shop) and Fox Vintage are just a few paces (literally) away from the Old Town Hall, where the fair will be visiting in October.

Bartletts Of Buckingham

Whenever in Buckingham I always visit Bartletts for a cup of tea, scone and cream. Thank you for displaying our poster, I'm sure lots of people will see it as you are always so busy!

Fleece Yard Flyers

I found a much used notice board in the curiously named Fleece Yard. I enjoy visiting Buckingham, it feels very different to Northampton although only 20 miles away. It really is worth a visit, there is a regular outdoor weekly antiques market on a Saturday where bargains can be found.

Sunday 7th October

We hope to see you at The Old Town Hall when the fair visits for the second time, we had a great time in April, the ballroom is a wonderful setting and we cannot wait to return.

Wednesday, 12 September 2012

Vintage In Northampton And A Bit Of 'On The Buses'

I Used To Catch This Bus To School 

Well perhaps not this actual bus but it was always the Number 11 or 14 which wheeled me on my way. It was 'Heritage Weekend' in Northampton a few days ago, the event is organised by the local council,  we took the opportunity to hop on the vintage bus. The only available seats were upstairs and I found that I quickly began to feel the need to wave slightly over enthusiastically at people as they walked along or sat in traffic in their cars. I remembered something I read years ago about the painter 
L.S. Lowry who 'enjoyed' travelling around Salford upstairs on buses, the view gained from the top-deck affording him an excellent view of the passing people below. 

St Matthews In Northampton

I caught the bus outside St Matthews which is where the 9th Northampton Vintage Fair will be taking place on Saturday 15th September. I was actually putting up posters and signs for the fair when we saw the bus approaching. I hope that some of the people on the 'heritage trail' will come along to the fair.

The Doors Open At 11am
Demand for places from stall holders has been such that we have decided to extend the fair to the lawn outside for the first time, so there will be even more stalls than usual! The fair is taking place in the Parish Centre which is situated behind St Matthews. Inside there will be two sales rooms full of stalls and an 'old style' tea-shop and weather permitting a further dozen stalls outside.

A Warm Welcome Awaits You

The fair will not be returning to Northampton until January when it will be time for the 3rd Vintage Jumble so please come along and do your Xmas shopping early. We have some great stalls for you and as usual the blend will be of stalls displaying mainly original vintage homewares along with stalls selling lovely unique (vintage inspired) handmade items. Homewares is a bit of a 'catch-all' term for textiles, prints, toys, ceramics, glass, kitchenalia and ephemera, at our fairs many things are from the 30s-early60s.
We are really looking forward to Saturday and hope to see you at the fair.

Thursday, 6 September 2012

The 9th Northampton Vintage Fair - 9 Days To Go!

'Join Our Happy Vintage Family'

I love this advert for Butlins which I found in an old copy of the Illustrated  magazine from April 1939. 
I wonder if the person who took original possession of this edition had time to enjoy a holiday or were they aware of "The Gathering Storm" that Churchill had sensed. Within four months the massive war in Europe had begun and the lives of a generation were turned upside down.

"The First Day Of Sunshine"
A big pile of these magazines landed on my doorstep earlier this week, a gift from a neighbour who had seen me in the street putting up posters for the forthcoming Vintage Fair at St Matthews. They date from the 30s and 40s and I found myself leafing through them, a great way to get in touch with the style, domestic life and concerns of the era.

Saturday 15th September

If you want to take a step back into the past come along to the 9th Northampton Vintage Fair. There will be two sales rooms full of stalls selling high quality original vintage items from the 30s-early60s. There will also be stalls with vintage inspired handmade gifts and wares to complement the vintage home. The ambience is made complete by music from the period and an 'old style' tea-shop with vintage china and embroidered cloths. The cakes are homemade and delicious.

St Matthews In Northampton
Our Home For The Day - 15th September

Demand for tables has been such that we have invited people to set up on the lawn outside the church rooms for the first time. The fair inside will of course go ahead regardless of the weather but it will be lovely to see lots of stalls in the garden if the weather is kind.

Delicious Cakes Await You

The 'Old Style' tea-room is always popular in Northampton, it sits next to the stalls in the main sales room. Take afternoon tea as you listen to the sounds of the 40s and 50s (and a bit of 20s and 70s!) and catch up with friends.

The doors open at 11am, we will be there 'come rain or shine' and hope that you will be joining us. Best wishes and see you on the 15th.