Monday, 30 September 2013

Vintage Finds In Kettering & Some Photos From The Northampton Fair

Vintage Thrifting 

I spotted this lovely vintage savings tin on Debbie's stall at the recent Northampton Vintage Fair. I regularly come across 'grown up' versions of these in muted greens and blues with slots for rent and electricity bills. This is much more fun with sections for holidays and birthdays and also for rainy days and Christmas!

The Colourful Vintage Kitchen

This has to be one of my favourite finds of the last week, I spotted this in Finders Keepers at Lollyrocket in Kettering. I think this would have been used as advertising in a grocers shop in the 50s or 60s. There is no brand name on it but I suspect it could have been advertising for Birds. This has now found a home in our kitchen and the cheery colours look great with the reds and yellows of vintage kitchenalia.

50s Jams From Chivers

I also found some 'Good Housekeeping' cookery magazines from the 1950s. Inside there were great recipes and colourful adverts including this one for Chivers in the edition about jam making.

1950s Plan For Living - The Batchelor Studio

One edition had recipes and tips for the single person and 'cooking for one'. This picture came from the section on 'Bachelor Entertaining' and suggests the ideal arrangement for studio or single room living.

The Studio For The 50s Lady

This picture also came from 'Cooking For One' and shows a young lady in her fashionable bedsit featuring up to the minute soft furnishings and accessories. The magazines were of course responding to the process social change which saw young single adults living independently for the first time.

One Of The Units At Lollyrocket

Finders Keepers at Lollyrocket is definitely worth a visit and you can even enjoy a cup of tea served in vintage china with lovely home made cake when you have finished shopping.

Vintage Kitchenalia

If you like kitchenalia , there was plenty to choose from. This green metal serving trolley was great and could be used for storage or display.

Where I Found The Advertising Sign

Colourful vintage aprons and china also featured on the lovely display where I found the advertising sign which now lives in our kitchen.

Vintage Textiles

There were some lovely cushions made from vintage fabrics on this display,  textile pieces and cushions like these are always popular at our fairs and they are an affordable way of bringing some original  colour and design into the vintage  home. My visit to Lollyrocket got even better when I spotted two lovely prints.

60s Cornwall

The first is by Donald Greig, I really like the colour of his 60s coastal scenes of Devon and Cornwall, similar to scenes painted by Vernon Ward but infused with a Mediterranean palette.

Frank Sherwin

The second turned out to not be a print but an original watercolour by Frank Sherwin who painted scenes for some of the well known railway posters of the 1930s. I already have two other Frank Sherwin watercolours from the same period painted in beautiful shades of blue, green and yellow.

Dahlias & Verbena

Returning to the Northampton Vintage Fair, the weather was kind to us in the end and we had a few brave stall holders set up outside as well as the usual array of stalls, tea and cakes inside.

A Friend of The Fair

It was lovely to see Elke who is one of our regular customers and on this occasion ended up minding one of the stalls for a while!

Very Well Behaved & Perfect Manners

As you know we love to see all the dogs who are brought along to the fair and most do not manage to evade my attention.

Such A Cute Little Puppy

On the day of the fair two very obedient black dogs waited patiently outside untethered as their owner stepped inside. I spotted them and approached with my camera only for one of them to jump to his feet in order to greet me, introductions over the dog then proceeded to walk into the fair without an escort. Aware of the potential chaos that might have ensued from my actions only to find his bemused owner surprised by the appearance of his dog, I apologised on behalf of myself and his dog and owned up to my part in the proceedings.

Iosif Vissarionovich Dzhugashvili

Ephemera is always popular with customers and provides a fascinating insight into social history as well as the big news stories of the time. Josef Stalin cast a deep shadow over the politics of the settlement at the end of World War II until his death in 1953.

The Reassuring Sound Of A Gentle Tick

We have seen a few of these novelty Smiths alarm clocks and they always seem to prove popular with children and undergraduates, they are so much more fun than the modern digital versions.

Kitsch At The Fair

I am afraid I do not know what this is but it caught my eye.

Vintage Attire

Good quality vintage clothing is always popular and we always try to include a few specialist clothing and accessory sellers to ensure customers have a good choice of vintage wares along with the vintage homewares.

I am busy preparing for next Saturday's Market Harborough Vintage Fair and will be blogging again in the next few days with including some photos of tomorrow's planned visit to Amy's Vintage. Amy will be having a stall with us on Saturday and she has a great vintage shop at the rear of Joule's Yard (just over the road from the The Three Swans where the fair will be taking place.

The Doors Open At 11am

Thursday, 12 September 2013

Some Vintage Finds & Saturday's Fair At St Matthew's

No 14 The Hen And Her Chicks

This lovely vintage school print arrived through the post a couple of days ago. I always look out for them wherever I go because I like them so much, they look great in an old frame. Some are more sought after than others and many of them are very colourful. They look fantastic when hung anywhere in the 'vintage home', the subjects they cover are so diverse that there will be at least one for every room in the house.

Vintage Open Day At the Derngate Theatre

I had a stall at last Saturday's 'Vintage Open Day' at the Derngate in Northampton which had been organised to celebrate the opening of 'To Sir With Love'. Members of the cast, in costume, took time to have a look around and perform an exert from 'Brief Encounter'. Vicky from the 'Nostalgic Kitchen' also had a stall (Vicky will be having a stall with us at the Market Harborough Vintage fair in October). I was too late to join the Lindy Hop class lead by Kris and Natalie however we chatted and hopefully they will be joining us at a fair soon so be prepared to get your dancing shoes on.

Vintage Place Settings

The three 'crinoline ladies' also landed on the  hall floor yesterday (another find on Ebay), they are napkin holders from the 1930s, the large one indicated who was 'head of table'. Crinoline ladies feature in many home crafted designs from the 30s, often adorning mirrors or crumb trays. I find it fascinating that such things have survived through the years and I am very glad that they have. Many people were following designs and patterns provided by crafting magazines from the period.

Good Needlework 1930

We found this copy of Good Needlework several years ago and then some years later we found the tea cosy shown on the cover, the pattern was available by mail order through the magazine.

Pattern Perfect

The cosy was perfectly realised and has survived the years without a blemish and now rests in a cupboard in our kitchen.

'Stop Me And Buy Me'

These cute cards have taken pride of place on the shelves in our kitchen, many thanks to Cherry from Merriman's Vintage Jamboree who sent then to me yesterday. Cherry will be having a stall at the fair on Saturday at St Matthew's in Northampton.

The Doors Open At 11am

It is always nice when the fair returns to St Matthew's as we consider the place our 'home', it was where we held the first Northampton Vintage Fair back in 2009. St Matthew's is a wonderful stone built church which dates from the late 19th Century, built in the Neo-Gothic style the church contains a wonderful sculpture of The Madonna by Henry Moore and a painting of the Crucifixion by Graham Sutherland. The church will open on the day of the fair as part of Northampton's Heritage Weekend. The fair takes place in the Parish Centre which is situated behind the church, a short walk through the pretty garden.

St Matthew's - 27A The Drive Northampton NN1 4RY

The fair will start at 11am and tea and homemade cakes will be available. The stalls will be inside so the weather will not be an issue however if the sun is shining there will be some additional stalls outside on the lawn.

The Northampton Vintage Fair
Saturday 14th September

Take care and hope to see you at the fair on Saturday.