A Visit To Olney & Expectations of Summer

Mr & Mrs Tube

Greetings from Mr and Mrs Tube, part of a wonderful find in Olney earlier this week, hidden in a pack of Happy Families from  a vintage games compendium by Chad Valley, found in the lovely Dodo Antiques. It is a great shop to visit, although 'shop' isn't really an adequate description of Dodo, it is like stepping into a period home with rooms with distinct themes, bedecked with absolute treasures. Our favourites are the Art Nouveau and Art Deco Rooms, the proprietors are so welcoming and helpful, from exquisite high-end antique furniture to vintage finds it is a lovely place to visit.

The Britannia Compendium of Games

There are so many places to choose to to have tea and cakes or lunch but we always find our way to the Olney Delicatessen, the apple pie is out of this world and again you will be made so welcome, it is such a warm snug place to hide away on a cold day.

The Artichoke Family

The Artichoke Family leads to thoughts of being outside and the summer that seems such a long way off but we found a lovely reminder of June, this time at the auction held in Ashton on Tuesdays. Tucked inside a small collection of old cigarette packets was a beautiful collection of old cards depicting roses of all colours, they will have to feature in some future project as yet unidentified, but they are so lovely and reminiscent of warmer days.

Rosa J B Clark, Rosa British Queen & Rosa Mrs Bertram de Walker

A Reminder of Summer and Flaming June

Lovely vintage things can be found in all sorts of places, it is such a pleasure when you find something that you really like. 

Thank you so much to all our wonderful sellers and best wishes to all who visit this blog and to everyone planning to visit The 4th Northampton Vintage Fair in March.


ted and bunny said…
what would we call ourselves if we were Happy Family playing card pictures?!

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