Flyers, Friends and Appreciation

This week has been busy with the enjoyable task of finding places to display the flyer for the fair in Olney, and has involved visiting some lovely villages and market towns in Buckinghamshire, Bedfordshire and our home county Northants. We appreciate all the help we have received from our sellers and other friends of the fair, we are looking forward to seeing some of you at Hatton Park.
We would also like to thank Dodo Antiques, The Olney Deli, Leo Antiques, The Antiques Centre in Olney, Olney Town Council, Marvellous Place To Shop, The Old Gaol Museum in Buckingham and Polkadot of Winslow.

The Antiques Centre in Rushden
Particular thanks to the Antiques Centre in Rushden, home of the wonderful Station 109. It is the sort of place you pop into and emerge hours later.

Tea Dresses at Station 109
The fair has been listed on numerous 'whats on' websites and will be advertised in the press during the week leading up to the fair, look out for the box-ad, it will be either deep gold or rose pink.


ted and bunny said…
flyers look fab!
I found one of the best thing about spending days distributing flyers were all the nice places you got to "legitimately" spend time in! (could account for the reason I put so many of my flyers in pubs and tea rooms!!)
Just to let you know, all of the flyers went at Earls Barton Fair too, Lots of interest there!!!
Have always loved Olney, and am really looking forward to being there on the 9th!!
Sharon xx
love the new flyer !!!

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