The 2nd Olney Fair - What A Day

Lovely French Blue Enamel
Thank you to everyone who visited the fair in Olney last Saturday, we hope you had a great time and found some vintage treasures to take home. It was so busy that I was not able to look around the stalls myself and did feel a little envious as I watched some lovely items disappearing out the door secure in the arms of their new owner (particularly the bright coloured wool rug!).
American Calendar Glamour Art
There was definitely some early Christmas gift buying taking place, with some lovely handmade creations costing just a few pounds.
 Vintage For All Ages
There were some lovely vintage toys, books and Christmas decorations.
Striking Orange, Black, White, Red & Yellow
Some items shout out "look at me" whilst others hold back their subtle beauty.
The stalls looked lovely, thank you to all our sellers whose stands make the room look beautiful.
Sweet Flowers From The 30s

Thank you to all the stall holders, your lovely displays make the room look so beautiful and do so much to create the buzz in the sales room. Some of you travelled a long way to be with us and we really appreciate that.
Beautiful Handmade Wares For The Home
The smaller handmade vintage inspired items are very affordable and make great 'stocking fillers' that will be cherished for years.
Hearts & Kisses
The tablecloths, flowers and vintage china of the Tea Shop provided a welcoming spot for shoppers to rest and enjoy the background sound of the period music. It was lovely to see a small group knitting at one of the tables.
Tea Shop Chic
After a slow first half hour during which the first shoppers looked around the stalls the tables in the 'Old Style Tea Shop' remained full for much of the afternoon. Thank you to our friends who look after the tea and handmade cakes, you are such an important part of the fair.
Early 60s Style
There were pattern books to inspire vintage style and original vintage clothing and couture, costume jewellery and dressing table pieces.

Shoes From The Vintage Dressing Room
There really was something for everyone. There is a certain shade of blue, green and pink that is so evocative of the vintage style.
The Colours Of Vintage
It was a lovely day, catching up with friends and meeting new devotees of all things vintage.
The Colours Of Autumn
Our next fair will be in Market Harborough on November 19th when we could be in the grip of winter.
Time To Say Goodbye
4pm arrived in no time and it was time to close the fair even though visitors were still finding us we had to say goodbye. An hour later the tables had all been cleared, the bunting taken down, the cloths bundled into a bag and the rosebuds wrapped to help them with their journey home.

Thanks again to our stall holders and visitors, we look forward to seeing you all again soon.  


A Brilliant day, we came away with tons of goodies x
JaneBean said…
Thanks again Trevor, I had an excellent day, great atmosphere and lovely customers, see you in Market Harborough on the 19th. Jane -

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