Some Photos From Saturdays Fair In Market Harborough

The 7th Northampton Vintage Fair 11am-3pm
First let me remind you of the fair taking place in Northampton on 10th December. We are starting an hour earlier than usual, so the doors will open at 11am and will close at 3pm. As usual there will be an 'old style' tea shop selling lovely homemade cakes. There will be lovely vintage and handmade gifts galore and there is bound to be a special christmas theme to the stalls. We will be supporting 'Alfe's Cause', more about that in the next blog post.
Christmas Greetings - Found at the Harborough Fair
My apologies for not having lots of pictures from the Harborough Fair, I rather absently arrived with a near full memory chip in my camera! It was a really nice day and there were two rooms of absolutely lovely stalls. Thank you to all our sellers, your beautiful displays looked great, we hope you enjoyed the day.
Rosa Queen Elizabeth?
And a big thank you to all the people who visited the fair, we hope you found something special to take away with you. We will be returning to Market Harborough on February 11th.
The Main Sales Room (or more accurately a limited view of the room seen from the foyer)
Thank you to Zoe and Arthur for the loan of your Keep Calm and Carry On disc, I love the air-raid warning siren at the start of disc 1, hope it did not cause unnecessary alarm. 
War Time Spirit
Many thanks to the staff of the Three Swans and a special thank you to Mark who helped us from when we arrived right through until everyone had gone home.
After the wonderful 1937 Film
Once the fair was over it was time to pack up and leave, the next day we were bound for Buckinghamshire and the Winslow Festive Fair.
Flyers at Winslow
We look forward to seeing everyone at the December Fair in Northampton.
From Kris at Creepy Chic
I love these these chemistry laboratory bottles, found on the wonderful 'Creepy Chic' stall at Harborough.
Time To Go Home
Many thanks to everyone who helped to make Saturday a lovely day.

See you in Northampton on the 10th.


Glad it went really well : )Looking forward to Northampton Fair in a few weeks, and those posters are up in place!!
Have a great weekend : )

Sharon x

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