Wednesday, 30 November 2011

Auction Tomorrow at Wicksteed Park 7pm

Hexagon Auction Thursday 1st Dec
Just wanted to let you know about this event taking place at Wicksteed Park (Kettering) at 7pm tomorrow evening. Viewing is from 3pm.
The event is being organised by Mick from the wonderful Station 109 at Rushden Antiques Centre.
Vintage, Retro and Antiques
I will be posting again tomorrow about the forthcoming fair at St Matthews in Northampton on 10th Dec and letting you all know about the 'Blue Room' event on 11th December, supporting Alfe's Cause.

Friday, 25 November 2011

Some Photos From Saturdays Fair In Market Harborough

The 7th Northampton Vintage Fair 11am-3pm
First let me remind you of the fair taking place in Northampton on 10th December. We are starting an hour earlier than usual, so the doors will open at 11am and will close at 3pm. As usual there will be an 'old style' tea shop selling lovely homemade cakes. There will be lovely vintage and handmade gifts galore and there is bound to be a special christmas theme to the stalls. We will be supporting 'Alfe's Cause', more about that in the next blog post.
Christmas Greetings - Found at the Harborough Fair
My apologies for not having lots of pictures from the Harborough Fair, I rather absently arrived with a near full memory chip in my camera! It was a really nice day and there were two rooms of absolutely lovely stalls. Thank you to all our sellers, your beautiful displays looked great, we hope you enjoyed the day.
Rosa Queen Elizabeth?
And a big thank you to all the people who visited the fair, we hope you found something special to take away with you. We will be returning to Market Harborough on February 11th.
The Main Sales Room (or more accurately a limited view of the room seen from the foyer)
Thank you to Zoe and Arthur for the loan of your Keep Calm and Carry On disc, I love the air-raid warning siren at the start of disc 1, hope it did not cause unnecessary alarm. 
War Time Spirit
Many thanks to the staff of the Three Swans and a special thank you to Mark who helped us from when we arrived right through until everyone had gone home.
After the wonderful 1937 Film
Once the fair was over it was time to pack up and leave, the next day we were bound for Buckinghamshire and the Winslow Festive Fair.
Flyers at Winslow
We look forward to seeing everyone at the December Fair in Northampton.
From Kris at Creepy Chic
I love these these chemistry laboratory bottles, found on the wonderful 'Creepy Chic' stall at Harborough.
Time To Go Home
Many thanks to everyone who helped to make Saturday a lovely day.

See you in Northampton on the 10th.

Thursday, 17 November 2011

One Day To Go

One Day To Go
There is little more than a day to go until the 2nd Vintage Fair in Market Harborough. I have been busy this week placing signs in and around Harborough, making several visits up to Leicestershire. I felt rather conspicuous as I walked around with a bag of signs with lots of pointed stakes peering out the top. I hope all the signs survive the interest of town council officials and Friday night revellers.

I would like to thank everyone who has helped to share news about the fair, your support is invaluable and very much appreciated.
Gentlemen Welcome

We are looking forward to seeing lots of old friends and offer a warm welcome to those of you who will be visiting the fair for the first time. We hope you all have a lovely time at the fair.

See you on Saturday.

Saturday, 12 November 2011

A Busy Day in Southern Leicestershire

From A Bygone Era - Everyone Who Visits The Fair Will Walk Directly Under This Sign!

This lovely old sign hangs outside the Three Swans Hotel on the High Street in Market Harborough, which will be home to the 2nd Market Harborough Vintage Fair. The first fair back in August was a really enjoyable day and we are feeling very positive about our second event. When I visited yesterday the town was bustling and it was great to see posters for our fair in various windows.  
Through The Arch And Across The Pretty Courtyard To The Fair

I met with Phil, the member of staff responsible for event bookings, to complete the final arrangements for next Saturday. I do not think I could imagine a more professional, efficient and welcoming venue, the attention to detail on their part is intuitive.
Thank You To GorGeous - A Fantastic Independent Shoe Shop In Harborough

As well as visiting the venue I drank lots of cups of tea as I dropped off flyers in various cafes and independent shops in Harborough. After a while I headed out to the villages to the north of Market Harborough and was happy as I remembered all the places for flyers which we found back in the summer, plus I found some new spots.
Joules Yard - A Wonderful Place To Eat, Drink, Listen To Music & Shop
I did stay too long at a lovely place called the Well in Kibworth Beauchamp. Over several more cups of tea I fell into discussion with two trustees of the charity who operate this welcoming community resource, they are about to enter their sixth year as a Christian outreach charity. An hour passed, and with a commitment to return (to assist as far as I can in the development of their 'volunteers policy', this being an area I was involved with in my previous working life), I returned to Harborough via Great Bowden.
Weltons - On The Green in Great Bowden

I left Weltons with a bag containing two fruit scones, only one made it back to Northampton. Back in Harborough I dropped off the remaining flyers in Aldwincles Tea Shop and headed home in the dwindling light and fog that was starting to form. 
Emmerson and Wests Deli & Tea Shop - 7 Northampton Road Market Harborough
With only seven days to go it will not be long before the Fair hits town, see you all on the 19th.

Tuesday, 8 November 2011

Market Harborough Vintage Fair - The Fair Returns

The Second Market Harborough Vintage Fair - Saturday 19th November

We are really looking forward to seeing all our friends at the next Harborough fair, which is only eleven days away! There will be some new stall holders joining us on the 19th and we can't wait to meet you.
The lovely Three Swans Hotel on the High Street will again be our home, it's a wonderful venue and the hotel staff are so welcoming and helpful.

There will be so many original vintage items of all descriptions to be found and there will be clothes and unique handmade creations - perfect as presents for loved ones, to add to your collection or to complement the 'vintage' home. A perfect day out for devotees of all things vintage, and for those who will be visiting a vintage fair for the first time an ideal opportunity to discover the wonderful world of vintage.
The Historic Three Swans Hotel
We are really pleased that there will be two luxurious sales rooms, The Fairfax Suite and The Cromwell Suite, they are situated behind the hotel front, approached from the street via the archway and a pretty courtyard.

Market Harborough is a bustling small town, situated in south Leicestershire, there are lots of places to eat, numerous small independent shops and there is an abundance of  attractive and interesting buildings. 

As usual there will be an 'Old Style' tea shop serving homemade cakes and a licensed bar for visitors,  the hotel has full restaurant/dining facilities which are reassuringly traditional.

We will be posting regularly as the final preparations are completed.

See you on the 19th.