Preparations For Olney, Thrifting And A Pretty Charlie

A Vintage Thrift Box

I found this little 'thrift' box at a fair last week, sadly the days when one could offset future utility bills and necessary expenses by saving pennies have long since passed. However modern day 'thrifting' is alive and well although the recent rainy weather has made car boots a 'bridge too far' for me.

Posters & Flyers For Olney & The Jubilee Fair

Yesterday I drove over to Olney to drop off a few posters, many thanks to Olney Town Council, The Olney Deli, The Nest at No 9, Dodo Antiques, Olney Antiques Centre and Tesco.

The Antiques Centre Olney

You can find the Antiques `Centre at 13 Osborns Court, just a few yards from the Market Place. I have found a few nice things at the centre before and yesterday I spotted a painted carved plaque from the 30s, depicting a lady at the seaside, I regret not buying it but being thrifty took precedence although if it is still there when I return next week I am not sure my resolve will hold.

The Very Special Dodo

The wonderful Dodo Antiques can be found just a few paces from the Market Place, they have some beautiful pieces, from high-end furniture to affordable collectables, as well as a small room of vintage clothing for ladies including classic knitwear, tweed, shoes and evening wear. I particularly liked the collection of gentlemen's luggage upstairs, stunning silk lined leather suitcases.

Charlie - Perched On The Counter In Dodo

I had been standing next to Charlie for five minutes talking to the friendly people at Dodo, he moved and I suddenly realised that he was real as opposed to a piece of taxidermy, I think he is a male Eclectus Parrot. His vibrant colour complements the splendour of the establishment perfectly.

Our Fairs Are In The Whats On Section

I returned home to find a copy of Image magazine, it was great to find the Olney Vintage Fair and Northampton Vintage Fair & Jubilee Garden Party listed in the guide. Thank you Image.

The Church Hall
Home Of The Olney Vintage Fair

I returned to Olney this afternoon to visit the venue and complete the room-plan for the fair on 12th May. I will be sitting just inside the door of the little reception area on the day of the fair 'meeting and greeting'. There will be twenty stalls, a small area set up as an old style tea shop with embroidered table cloths and vintage china and music from the period. We hope to see you there.


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