Yesterday's Fair, The July Jumble And A Day At The Races

Three Weeks Away From Hundreds Of Vintage Bargains

Our next event is the 2nd Vintage Jumble on 21st July. The venue is St Matthews in Northampton. The first jumble took place earlier this year in January, it was great day, extremely busy, lots of fun with bargains galore. 200 people came through the door in the first 20 minutes! I will blog more about the July Jumble in a few days time. For more information check the 'Vintage Jumbles' tab or use this link,

The New  Business Card

A big thank you to all our stall holders, friends of the fair and everyone who visited yesterday's fair in Market Harborough. I hope you like the new card we have had printed to promote the fairs, we have used the term Vintage in the Shires as it reflects the fairs itinerary through the market towns of Northampton, Buckingham, Olney, Market Harborough and Stamford.

Boys Toys - Just What I've Always Wanted

I treated myself to this Chad Valley "Escalado", it is a game from the 20s which remained in production albeit in a changed from until the 70s. I love boxed toys from this era and especially like the design of the 'covers' used at the time (I have posted previously about a compendium and lotto game), Wendy from 'Ticking Stripes', who regularly sells with us at the fairs in Northampton and Market Harborough brought this game to the fair and I returned home with it. Here is a link to Ticking Stripes Facebook page,

Vintage Footwear
Suitable  For Ladies, Gentlemen and Moden Day Dandies

I wanted to buy the tan Loakes but they were a size too small! We had some great stalls yesterday and all were filled with some great vintage pieces as lovingly created handmade. I noticed a couple of very distinctive chairs, one was an Ercol rocker and one was black and white from the 60s, being carried away to new homes.

70s Shades, Men's Ties & Vintage Hosiery

I found these lovely old french 'eau de nil' coloured trivets on Amanda's 'Charente Vintage' stall. 

French Vintage Style From Charente Vintage

Kitchenalia is always well represented at our fairs, these colourful enamel jugs caught my eye, I found them next to some lovely furniture painted in Antibes Green (again from Charente Vintage).

Vintage Enamel - Ready For Fresh Flowers

Many of our stall holders have blogs or Facebook pages, I will be trying add these to this blog in the next few weeks, I have started to do this and you can see my progress by clicking the Stall Holders tab.

Can You Recall When Vogue Cost 60p!

David from Paper and Plastics had some great pieces, I liked this copy of Vogue, from, I am guessing the late 70s/early 80s. If you 'visit' Paper & Plastics you will find links to the lovely 'Vintage Treasures' which a wonderful shop in Hinckley.

A Feather In Your Cap

This amazing hat is dressed in feathers and I have never seen one like it before. I cannot suggest to what attire it might be added to complete the outfit but I am sure it will get noticed!

A "Victory" Jigsaw - Vintage For Children 

I have made the point before that toys from the 30s and 40s have so much more intrinsic play and learning potential for young children than many modern toys, some of them have survived seventy-five years and they make super vintage presents for little ones.

A Case Of Fine Vintage Books

With their fraying cloth covers old books look great and add a touch of vintage to any interior and a shelf full of old Penguins is within easy reach as these old titles can be found at very reasonable prices. And if your shelves have been given a coat of off-white paint and decorated with panels of Cath Kidston or original pieces of wall paper your collection will look fantastic.

A Lovely Handmade Shade Using Vintage 50s Fabric

Vintage textiles and high quality handmade homewares are always very popular at our fairs, I love the 50s fabric that Heather from 'Hellish Designs' has used to make this pretty shade.  (

And They're Off

These are the horses from the "Escalado" game I mentioned earlier, the 'July Meeting' is not taking place at Newmarket this year, it is taking place at St Matthews, join the race for a bargain and see you at the Jumble in July.


Nostalgic Vicky said…
It was a fabulous fair with a wonderful atmosphere! So many treasures in one venue!! Bring on the Vintage Jumble!!

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