A Lovely Tin And The Fair That Wasn't!

A  Family Picnic From The 50s

This sunny scene is from a lovely biscuit tin which I returned home with last Saturday. It was nice to find something so colourful and cheery, especially as we had to cancel the Vintage Fair & Garden Party which was due to take place at the Spinney Hill in Northampton. The pictures on the tin show a family enjoying a holiday in Scotland (so I am guessing it was produced by Crawfords the famous Scottish biscuit manufacturer), they seem to spend all their time having picnics, which is fine by me so long as they found time for afternoon tea! 

A Picnic In The Highlands

I had been watching the forecast all week as had many of our stall holders and it was not a great surprise to find that it had rained heavily during the preceding night. Thunder and lightning had been mentioned and the sky was grey so the decision was made and as many people as possible were made aware that we had cancelled.

Strolling Through The Hills With A Scottie 

I decided to remain at the venue in case people came along unaware that the fair would not be there and I am really glad I did. A very big thanks to Sue and Paul who had already set off for the fair before I cancelled and decided to give it a go regardless, their stall looked great and received lots of attention, I am glad I was shown the tin as I am sure it would have been snapped up by the first person who set their eyes on it.

A Picnic On The Beach

 In the true spirit of 'Keep Calm and Carry On' Amy and Richard from Kakes and Creations were determined that the day would not be lost and set up a lovely looking cake table inside the pub. Hopefully there will be hundreds of people to serve next time you are with us. Kakes and Creations can be contacted through their Facebook page: http://www.facebook.com/kakesandcreations.

A Picnic By The River

It was great meeting and greeting all those who came along although it felt strange having to tell people that the fair was 'off' due to poor weather, which by now was warm and sunny. Forecasting is an inexact matter and so it proved, as we chatted in the sun it became increasingly clear that the rain was going to stay away! It was great to see Zoe and Arthur who have been visiting our fairs right back to when we started, thanks so much for coming along, it was great talking with you and hope to see you soon.

15th September 11am-3pm

Our next fair will be taking place in Northampton at St Matthews in a few weeks time. We hope to see you there.


Nostalgic Vicky said…
It's England - the weather does this to us. All you can do is keep calm and carry on and move on to the next fair..yippee
Pennyblossoms said…
It was a joy to have the chance to sit and have a natter with you! See, if the weather had been fine, you'd've been too busy!
See you at St Matthews...as Nostalgic Vicky says, "Yipee"!
Z xx

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