Vintage In Northampton And A Bit Of 'On The Buses'

I Used To Catch This Bus To School 

Well perhaps not this actual bus but it was always the Number 11 or 14 which wheeled me on my way. It was 'Heritage Weekend' in Northampton a few days ago, the event is organised by the local council,  we took the opportunity to hop on the vintage bus. The only available seats were upstairs and I found that I quickly began to feel the need to wave slightly over enthusiastically at people as they walked along or sat in traffic in their cars. I remembered something I read years ago about the painter 
L.S. Lowry who 'enjoyed' travelling around Salford upstairs on buses, the view gained from the top-deck affording him an excellent view of the passing people below. 

St Matthews In Northampton

I caught the bus outside St Matthews which is where the 9th Northampton Vintage Fair will be taking place on Saturday 15th September. I was actually putting up posters and signs for the fair when we saw the bus approaching. I hope that some of the people on the 'heritage trail' will come along to the fair.

The Doors Open At 11am
Demand for places from stall holders has been such that we have decided to extend the fair to the lawn outside for the first time, so there will be even more stalls than usual! The fair is taking place in the Parish Centre which is situated behind St Matthews. Inside there will be two sales rooms full of stalls and an 'old style' tea-shop and weather permitting a further dozen stalls outside.

A Warm Welcome Awaits You

The fair will not be returning to Northampton until January when it will be time for the 3rd Vintage Jumble so please come along and do your Xmas shopping early. We have some great stalls for you and as usual the blend will be of stalls displaying mainly original vintage homewares along with stalls selling lovely unique (vintage inspired) handmade items. Homewares is a bit of a 'catch-all' term for textiles, prints, toys, ceramics, glass, kitchenalia and ephemera, at our fairs many things are from the 30s-early60s.
We are really looking forward to Saturday and hope to see you at the fair.


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