Saturday Afternoon & Sunday Morning

No 43 "Birds In Winter"

We had such a lovely day at The Three Swans Hotel in Market Harborough on Saturday that I could not wait to return the next day. I called into the antiques market which takes place in Harborough every Sunday and could not resist this old school print. Many thanks to all the stall holders, visitors and friends of the fair who braved the cold and helped to make the day so enjoyable.

Friends Of The Fair At Market Harborough

I had the opportunity to chat with with customers-guests and realised that people had travelled from all directions to be with us which chimed well with 'Vintage in the Shires'. It reminded me of how we once travelled to Shropshire to collect a particular rose from David Austin's nursery (the rose in question is Banksiae 'Lutea'), it still grows up the front of our home and will have small double soft yellow flowers in April, it is one of the first roses to bloom!

Getting Ready

The hour before the fair opens is generally very busy as the stall holders set up their lovely displays, I must have been quite organised on the day as I had time to wander around before the doors opened. The stalls looked very colourful and although I did my best to take some nice pictures I have to admit that I chatted more than I snapped.

Old Tins & Books

Earlier I had received a call from Harborough FM (the local radio station) and was invited to speak on the morning show, I hope I did not 'put off' too many people.

A Collection Of Bangles

My having a bit of spare time inadvertently led to a delay in starting the fair, as I wandered around I lost track of time and forgot that it was 11! I returned to the foyer to find it full of people waiting to come in.

Vintage Sweaters Are In Vogue

Orinal hand-knits in good condition are sought after (at least by me) and not easy to find but for knitters this presents no problem as all you would need can be found at the fair. My grandmother taught me to knit when I was seven although my repertoire is limited to squares and rectangles in 'plain-knit' and I do not know how to cast-on or cast-off.

Old Knitting Needles

I have been looking for a gramophone for a while and two turned up on Saturday, one was a Decca and the other HMV.  My idea is to have a gramophone playing at the entrance to the fair and I was happy to be loaned one of the machines for the day which was a great although I was surprised by the strength of the sound the little HMV No 97 made (or was it a No 93?) when it belted out "In The Mood".

A Vintage Decca

These bottles would look nice sitting on an old dressing-table or in a traditional barber's shop filled with lotions, potions and dressings.

Vintage Vanity

Older items feel somehow more luxurious than their modern day counterparts, a modern hard plastic case on wheels with extending handle just does not have the rich patina of vintage leather.

Vintage Leather

Shoes are always popular (please please more shoes for gentlemen) and leather luggage seems to 'fly off the shelves'.

Vintage Dining

I have noticed that vintage cutlery is becoming increasingly sought after and a table set with it looks great in candle-light (a theme which could be employed for a romantic vintage Valentine's supper).

An Old Style Coffee Set

Enjoying afternoon tea has endured through the years and I know that I prefer mine served in china rather than a cone shaped glass a la Costa.

A Pretty Handmade Purse 

Handmade inspired by vintage designs or made using vintage fabrics complement original vintage homewares well.

Perfect For A Kitchen Sink Drama

Picking up the theme suggested by the title of this post is this formica table, I can imagine it standing on a chequered black and white 'lino' floor with Albert Finney sitting at it having his breakfast.

Handmade & Vintage
These bags are handmade from old linen and other vintage fabrics, a spare piece of Sanderson print can be turned into so many things, a fine example of upcycling.

Flowers From The Fair

The afternoon passed quickly and soon it was time to tidy away, I scooped up the flowers from the tea-room, packed my bags, said goodbyes and headed home. I think I left some signs up on purpose in order to ensure I got up early on Sunday morning as I wanted to return to visit the antique market.

No 56 Primroses & Violets

I found a pile of these educational posters and picked out the ones which suggest the spring to come. Primroses and Violets are due in April and March is for Daffodils.

No 48 Daffodils

However you do not have to wait until Spring for the fair as we will be in Olney tomorrow. The fair is taking place in The Church Hall which is situated on a bend in the main A509 which passes through the centre of town, just a few seconds walk from the busy Market Place. 

The Doors Open At 11

I am hoping to return to Olney next week as the famous Olney Pancake Race will be run down the High Street. I went last year and there was a large crowd and lovely friendly atmosphere.

Take care and see you at the fair.


Streetcomber said…
Really enjoy your updates and hope to come to your Stamford fair this year.

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