A Stroll In The Park & The Charm Of Old Postcards

The Church & Abbey (Early 1900s) - Abington Park
(image courtesy of Northampton Borough Council, Museums & Art Gallery)

Yesterday I visited the lovely old abbey in Northampton's Abington Park. The abbey and grounds were bequeathed to the town by local heiress Lady Wantage during the last years of the 19th Century and the abbey began it's life as a museum in 1899.  Elizabeth Bernard who died in 1670 is buried in the Church in the park, she was one of William Shakespeare's grandchildren and proved to be last of his direct descendants. I like the bright colours of the Edwardian postcard which shows the abbey, it is part of the museums collection.

The Cobbled Court Yard - Abington Abbey
(image courtesy of Northampton Borough Council, Museums & Art Gallery)

There is a pretty cobbled courtyard set in the middle of the abbey which we will set up with old style tea tables when the fair visits the museum for 'Vintage in the Park' on 23rd March. The stalls will be set out amongst the many rooms and along the corridors in the museum. It is a unique and charming building that will be both a quirky and interesting setting for our vintage fair.

The Gothic Hall - Abington Museum
(image courtesy of NBC)

The fair will be set out both upstairs and downstairs, a sturdy old staircase leads the way.

Abington Museum -The Staircase
(image courtesy of NBC)

I think the museum will prove to be a great home for the day in part because so much of what is displayed is of interest to people who appreciate 'vintage style'. 

Abington Museum - The Cottage Room
(image courtesy of NBC)

The park has always been popular with the people of Northampton and is a lovely place to walk, picnic and rest in the sun. The flower walk still leads from the 'pleasure lake' up towards the church and museum, much as it has done for the past 110 years. 

The Flower Walk - 1930s
(image courtesy of NBC)

The park should be full of spring colour when we arrive in a few weeks time, the daffodils planted in huge drifts are in bud and a little warmth will bring about a riot of yellow just as the fair will bring a burst of colour to the old building.


This old school poster is so fitting for this time of year!

'Vintage in the Park' - Saturday 23rd March

When I visited yesterday I was taken back by the first warm day of the year, the museum looked beautiful in the afternoon sun, the mellow stone and darkened windows brought out of their hibernation. The museum is Grade 1 Listed and remains closed to the public during the winter months which made walking around it feel even more special. I arrived armed with lots of posters for the many windows and particularly enjoyed crawling through a huge shelving unit which was stacked high with beautiful pieces of aged leather luggage - a vintage dream! I opened aged shutters that were closed when the museum was put to rest in September, the sun burst in for a moment and I imagined what it will look like on the day of the fair.

The Museum Under The March Sun In 2013

If you look very closely you might just be able to spot one of our posters in the window, during the time that I was there putting them up I noticed that they were attracting a lot of attention.

Listed In Only The Best Magazines!

Alice will be with us and it will be possible to subscribe to the UKs most popular antiques magazine, I am pleased to say that Vintage in the Park will be listed and will be featured on the Home & Antiques website.

I do hope that you will be able to come along and help welcome Easter.
Abington Park is situated about one mile from the centre of Northampton and is well served by public transport.

See you at the fair and if the weather is good bring a picnic, you will make friends with a squirrel in no time at all.


ted and bunny said…
good luck with the fair!

when I was 4 I ran down a hill in Abingdon Park and bumped into a tree and cut my hand open.
I had to go to hospital and I was SOOOO brave my mum bought me a tin zebra for my zoo set.
I've still got it somewhere (or the remains of it!) but I hadn't remembered until I just saw your postacard!
thanks so much for your lovely story
our dog regularly pulls me over when I take him over the park (as we call Abington Park - its a few minutes away)

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