30s Glamour, 40s Style & Last Saturday's Fair In Northampton

Jean Harlow (Hollywood 1930s)

Jean Harlow was one of Hollywood's greatest stars in the 1930s until she sadly died when just 26 years old. She was contracted to Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer and this publicity shot is from their studio. It passed to us from a distant relative who worked as a photographer for the Birmingham Post many years ago. It had been stored away in a pile of prints and forgotten about until I unearthed it last Friday evening.

Muriel Evans In Pensive Mood

The wonderful glamour of the 'golden era' of Hollywood in the 1930s and the 'studio system' is undeniable and has passed on a rich heritage of film and images that still captivate those who look to the past for inspiration. 


A very elegant beauty called Yvette in the form of a wonderful Citroen from the 1940s brought some Gallic elegance to the fair when we visited the Spinney Hill in Northampton for our annual Midsummer Vintage Fair last Saturday.

A Wonderful 1940s Citroen

She looked very graceful resting on the lawn and attracted many compliments, many thanks to Martin and Lesley for bringer her along (and many thanks to the owner of the two other lovely vintage cars which I neglected to take photos of).

Reassuringly Original

It was close to miraculous that the fair took place at all as rain seemed a certainty and we all spent the morning looking up to the sky hoping for the best and for once the weather was kind, even the sun put in a few appearances.

An Old Saxophone On One Of The Stalls

We had a lovely time and welcomed lots of people into the fair (which is my excuse for not having taken a photo of the stalls set out on the lawn, although this is a poor excuse as I was very ably supported at the entrance table which gave me leave to walk around and take pictures, which I singularly failed to do, albeit in favour of taking the time to talk to all the stall holders).

America In The 1940s 

As I walked around the stalls I found this embossed print from the 1940s and hails from the USA, it is interesting how commercial art and design shifted in emphasis from overt glamour to celebrating domestic life and the virtue of family values, a cultural shift brought about by the war raging in Europe.

A Lovely Large Chalk Dog

We found this proud chap and had to take him home where he has settled in very well, he will be looked after and loved.

Vintage Enamel

We also found the large green enamel 'bin' and pretty blue tea-pot, they can been used as they were originally intended or can be put to more decorative use (they look great full of flowering summer bulbs and can be easily cleaned once the season is over).

French Kitchenalia

I really liked this old French storage tin, vintage wares from France are often decorated with pretty floral motifs.

Vintage Anemonies

Old silk and satin flowers are very colourful and make a lovely posy when tied together, they can be found in all colours and types and I would love to find a blue poppy.

End Of The Fair

I managed to get a snap of the fair after the fair had closed and the stalls were being packed away. The fair will be returning to the Spinney Hill in August for a late summer Vintage Fair.

Grab A Vintage Bargain

However before then we have what I think might be two of our busiest events of the year. On 20th July we will be at St Matthews in Northampton for the 4th Vintage Jumble. The hall will be full of stalls and there will be lots more outside outside on the lawn if the weather is good.

Our Second Visit To Leamington Spa

The following week will see the fair arriving in Leamington Spa for our second visit to the The Royal Pump Rooms on Sunday 28th July.

Best wishes for the forthcoming weeks which should be the best of our summer and see you in July.


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