Wednesday, 31 July 2013

Vintage Finds At The Leamington Fair

Finds From The Leamington Fair

We had a lovely time when the fair visited Leamington Spa on Sunday and returned home with some pretty finds.
A French Mystery

I particularly liked this little tin and have seen one or two others similarly decorated with a charming lady, I think it may be from France and probably dates from the early 60s.

Preparing For Christmas

 I spotted these Chinese Lantern decorations as I walked around at the end of the fair, they date from the 50s/60s and were an early import from Hong Kong.

Blackie's Girls' Annual

I love the covers of these annuals which were published in the 20s and 30s and always buy them when I see a copy in good condition. 

The View From The Gallery

The stalls were set out in the Main Hall and The Conservatory of the Royal Pump Rooms.

One Of The Stalls In The Conservatory

Leamington is such a nice place to hold a vintage fair and the Royal Pump Rooms have a certain grandeur and elegance that only adds to the occasion.

The Royal Pump Rooms - Our Home For The Day

We will be returning to Leamington on 20th October and then again in February for a 'Valentine's Vintage Fair'.

Homes & Antiques Ambassador Suzanne

It was lovely to see Suzanne from Hearts & Kisses and her super display of vintage inspired handmade gifts. Suzanne has a stall at lots of our fairs and as an Ambassador for H&As Magazine can arrange  subscriptions to the UK's most popular title.

The 60s Kitchen Table

Original kitchen furniture and effects are always popular and make for a great display, we are fortunate that we have two great kitchenalia specialists who regularly have stalls with us presenting good items from the 30s through to the 70s.

The Well Stocked Cupboard

This cabinet looked great and attracted a lot of attention, I really like the vintage Pyrex 'Snowflake' baking dishes, many thanks to Claire for bringing them along. Thinking about the 'vintage kitchen' leads handily into me explaining about a little departure for the fair when I and Vicky from The Nostalgic Kitchen have a display stall at the '1940s Day' which has been organised by the Derngate & Royal Theatre in Northampton. It should be great fun and has been arranged to celebrate the opening night of "To Sir With Love" and I expect I shall be sporting the 'just returned from the allotment look'! 
It is taking place on Saturday 7th September from 4p to 7pm, I will write about this again closer to the time. 

Perfect For The Vintage Allotment

Had these brown shoes been just one size larger then they would have returned home with me to be teamed with a loose shirt and sleeveless sweater although if I ever do venture onto an allotment I hope I do not bump into either of these!

Not Your Usual Vintage Fayre!

I think the glass and brass encased beetle would make a wonderfully tactile paperweight, these creepy characters were on the same stall as the pretty little tin from France I mentioned earlier in this post.

Pip n Mix In The Conservatory

'Pip & Mix' regualarly have a stall with us and will next be with us in September in Northampton although you can catch them at Twinwood over the August Bank Holiday.

Textiles, Textiles & More Textiles

Boxes of textiles are always worth a rummage as you never know what you may find.

Clothes & Cases

Vintage Cards From Merriman's Vintage Jamboree
Cherry of Merriman's Vintage Jamboree brought along some lovely vintage birthday cards and also took some great photos of the day which have been posted in an album titled "Lovely Leamington".

Many thanks to Fiona Murray who came along and wrote about the Leamington Fair in her lovely blog, we hope you will be able to come along again soon.

I will be writing again soon as we prepare for the Northampton Vintage Fair & Late Summer Garden Party at the Spinney Hill.

Saturday 24th August

Best wishes and see you at the Fair.

Saturday, 27 July 2013

Last Saturday's Vintage Jumble & Leamington In The Morning

The Royal Pump Rooms 

Yesterday I visited Leamington Spa to complete the preparations for Sunday's vintage fair. Our home for the day will be the Royal Pump Rooms which are situated on The Parade in the centre of town.

View From The Jephson Gardens

Just over the road from the Pump Rooms are the Jephson Gardens, they are beautifully maintained and popular for summer promenades.

The Fair Starts At 11am

The fair will have a small display of the publicity cards for the RSC's summer production of A Mad World My Masters.

A Mad World My Masters

The play is set in Soho 1956 and will feature the sounds of The Flamingo Club and the fashions and style of the era. Very much the London described by Colin Macinnes in his trilogy of novels set in the  capital in the 50s. The most well known of the three is Absolute Beginners but I could not find my copy (last read in 1984) but could lay my hands on Mr Love and Justice.

The Sights & Sounds Of Hip London In The 50s
If you have not read Macinnes before a cautionary note might be advisable - the corporate blandness of Costa and Starbucks might prove intolerable once you have entered the jazz and style filled world of the Fabulous Hoplite, Mr. Cool and the ex Deb of Last Year.

The Corleone Caffe - 108 Regent Street

Whenever I am in Leamington I usually go the The Corleone Caffe for a cup of Earl Grey, they were busy when I arrived so I found a table in the courtyard garden. The friendly staff are welcoming and were happy to display a poster in the main shop. I really liked this old ceramic sink which they were using as a trough in the garden. I walked over to the 'Old Town' to put a few more up before returning home.

Vintage Salvage

It was only a week ago that we gathered for the Vintage Jumble at St Matthews in Northampton. Despite being in the middle of a July heatwave the sun stayed entirely hidden. Actually for a brief moment the grey clouds parted creating a surge in warmth, I began to celebrate (prematurely) but only managed to bring my hands together to clap once before the sky closed over for the day.

Some Of The Stalls On The Lawn

Despite the gloom overhead we had a lovely day, stalls filled the hall inside and most of the large lawn outside.

St Matthew's In Northampton

As usual there was a great atmosphere at the Jumble, an opportunity for stall holders to have a 'clear out' and for customers and visitors to find lots of vintage bargains.

Stalls In The Hall

The stalls looked fabulous and created quite a spectacle which attracted many people in from the surrounding streets.

Lovely Vintage Vases Full Of Garden Flowers

I particularly liked the old pressed glass vases generously filled with lovely flowers including two of my summer favourites, Calendula and Sweet Peas.

The Jumble On The Lawn

Some stalls sheltered under gazebos, the tables formed a square with an island of tables in the middle some spread rugs on the ground, whilst others did both.

Vintage Glass & Ceramics

By having stalls outside on the lawn it was possible for everyone to spread out which was welcomed by everyone as the Jumbles tend to be very busy and last Saturday was no exception.

All Sorts Of Bits & Pieces

I was so grateful to all the Jumble's friends on Facebook who shared the event when I asked for help on the Friday after the local press informed (with less than a day to go) that they had failed to print the advert I had placed a week earlier.

Clothes & Textiles

The next Vintage Jumble will be taking place in January, it has become a bit of a tradition and a great way to start the year.

See You In January

There are plenty of dates before we reach January including two visits to Leamington Spa, a much anticipated return to Stamford in November and Christmas fairs in Olney and Market Harborough as well as numerous dates in Northampton.

Best wishes and hope to see soon (tomorrow if you visit the fair in Leamington tomorrow, the doors open at 11am).

Friday, 19 July 2013

See You At The Jumble

The Jumble Starts At 11am

The July Jumble will be underway in a little over twelve hours - see you in the morning.

St Matthews Northampton

The venue is St Matthew's, 27A The Drive, Northampton. NN1 4RY.

The Garden At St Matthews

There will be lots of stalls in the garden and inside the hall.

Vintage French Finds

When you have been to the Jumble you might want to visit Vintage French Finds on the adjacent Kettering Road, it's about two minutes walk away.

At Vintage French Finds

It is a very nice shop full of lovely things brought over from France.

A Display In Vintage French Finds

A short walk along Collingwood Road will take you to the Italian Shop where you can sit at a 1960s table and enjoy authentic Italian treats.

The Italian Shop - Lovely And Only A Minute From The Jumble

A couple minutes walk away from the Jumble in the opposite direction will take you to the Old Bakehouse Antiques Centre on Abington Avenue.

The Old Bakehouse In Northampton

If you were to continue your walk into town you will find Most Marvellous on Abington Square, it is a large collection of traders and specialises in crafts, retro and clothes.

Antiquities - 45 St Giles Street

Once past Marvellous you will be in the town centre. St Giles Street has the best cafes in the town centre area as well as Antiquities at No 45.

Take care and see you at the Jumble.

Friday, 12 July 2013

Car-Boot Finds, Summer Flowers & The Vintage Jumble

Car-Boot Finds From Holcot

On Saturday morning we visited our first car-boot sale of the season at Holcot. When we arrived (half an hour before the published opening time) we found that hundreds of people were already rummaging through the many stalls. It appeared that half of Northamptonshire had similarly decided to make the most of the morning sun in their hunt for bargains.

A Mixed Bag Of Vintage

Despite the crowds we managed to find quite a few bits and pieces which I arranged in the garden when we returned home. It was a long overdue return to car-booting made possible by the lovely July weather.

Vintage Terracotta

I really liked these old 'pie-crust' garden pots and returned with nine of them along with an old galvanised watering-can and seed packet, perfect for the 'vintage garden'.

Rosa Benjamin Britten

The roses are resting on a tired but pretty wooden box which is nearly two hundred years old, the man who sold it to me was a bit concerned when, in response to his query about whether I was a furniture restorer, I told him I would probably paint it.

A Pile Of 1930s Prints

Which is exactly what I did the with the old chair as soon as we returned home, covering the old wood with a shade of verdigris named 'Florence'. The prints also returned home with us, I am now on the look-out for some suitable frames.

We Have Not Seen Rain For A While

I particularly liked this picture of friends sheltering from the rain (which is something I hope we do not have to do next week at the July Jumble).

A Mixed Bag Of Vintage

The pretty dressing-table clock, 78s and Chad Valley chess pieces are also from the car-boot and the little case is from Vintage French Finds which we called into on the way back into Northampton. 

Garden Flowers & Peacock Feathers

The peacock feathers are also from Vintage French Finds and the peonies and roses were picked from our garden.

The Colourful Mr Cuthbert's

The flower booklets were picked up at the Market Harborough fair back in February, I thought I might have to use them to brighten up another miserable summer but how wrong I was, July has brought a very welcome (and long overdue) heatwave.

Vintage Flowers (It is a biscuit tin)

June was a great month for peonies and roses, the flowers have lingered beautifully giving time for lavender, lilies and gladioli to displace them seemlessly. Bunches of summer flowers were widely used as a decorative theme both in manufactured wares and home-crafts, tins covered in flowers look nice on a shelf and are a great way to store all sorts of things.

Embroidered Flowers

I wonder if the ladies and girls who embroidered these flowers many years ago had any idea that their work would be sought after some eighty years later.

More Biscuit Tins!

We have quite a few of them dotted around 

Summer Roses

I hope the roses in our gardens can hang on a little longer as it is only one week to go until the Vintage Jumble takes place at St Matthews in Northampton. The fine weather is set to continue so it should be a very pleasant day as there will be stalls both inside the hall and outside on the lawn. 

St Matthew's  27A The Drive Northampton NN1 4RY

St Matthew's has a lovely large garden surrounded by a wall making it a lovely place to have a picnic whilst looking through all the stalls. St Matthew's is situated in the Kingsley area of Northampton and cannot be missed as the spire is very tall and can be seen from miles away. The church itself has a notable choral tradition and contains a wonderful Madonna by Henry Moore.

The Lawned Garden At St Matthews

It will be the fourth Vintage Jumble, they take place twice each year in January and July. There are always lots of bargains and a great fun atmosphere whilst holding onto the nostalgic ambience of our vintage fairs. Tea and homemade cakes will be served in the 'old style' tea-room or outside on the grass.

See You At The Jumble

For the truly dedicated followers of 'jumbling' there is another taking place on the same day just a few miles away at Station 109 in Rushden. I have blogged about Station 109 before and love to visit to browse through all the wonderful things from the 1940s.

Station  109 

I have also set the date for the next January Jumble (our first fair of 2014).

A Vintage Start To The New Year

See you at the Jumble!