Vintage Valentine's In Leamington Spa

1930s Advertising

Feeling somewhat cooped up at home because of the incessant rain I decided to have a look through a pile of old newspapers and magazines that had been tucked away (for a rainy day!). I really liked the colourful adverts on the back covers, clearly Birds were very busy promoting custard during the summer of 1939.

Valentine's Flowers

Beauty can be found in the strangest places and these lovely roses were hidden in the same pile of dusty papers. Roses are wonderful flowers for Valentine's although I do wonder what flowers if any were given in olden days as February offers little in the garden.

Vintage Valentine's

The lover's embrace was captured forever in 1914 and has survived the last hundred years - to appear on the poster for the Leamington Spa Vintage Fair which is taking place on Sunday in the Royal Pump Rooms.

Sunday 16th February 10am-4pm

It will be Vintage in the Shire's fourth visit to Leamington and we are really looking forward to returning as we had such a fabulous day back in October. We will be joined on stage by Nat and Chris who as well as selling original vintage accessories and 1940s headwear will be Swing dancing at various times throughout the fair. Nat and Chris joined us at the Stamford Fair last November and their demos 'went down a storm' (a poor turn of phrase given the current weather situation).

Swing Dance At The Fair

A short clip of Chris and Nat dancing at the Stamford Fair can be viewed on the fair's Facebook page 

Vintage Styling By Chez Titine 

Jane and Reenee from Chez Titine will be styling hair and make-up at the Leamington Fair. Chez Titine are based in Blighty Bazaar in Leamington (Blighty Bazaar is one of my favourite vintage emporiums and can be found on Kenilworth Street).

Chez Titine At Blighty Bazaar

Eternity Art will be hosting a stall displaying the work of local artist Terence Sinclair who depicts iconic British images in a style influenced by Pop Art and traditional crafting techniques.

London Bus By Terence Sinclair

We will also be joined by David and Carmela from Vintage French Finds of Northampton (you can find their lovely shop on Kingsley Park Terrace). Their eclectic mix of original and well sourced vintage inspired French furniture and beautiful decorative pieces will look very much at home in the grandeur of the Pump Rooms.

Vintage French Finds Of Northampton

I have also been busy painting (as well as being distracted by piles of old papers) some old Ercol chairs from the 1950s, mirrors and sewing boxes although I have to admit that the old oil cans seem slightly out of place resting on vintage linen by Sanderson but then it is said that "blue and green should not be seen" but I think they work just fine.

Vintage Upcycling

I was particularly pleased with the sewing box which I lined with a barkcloth from the 1940s/50s decorated with beautiful anemones.

1940s Anemones Barkcloth

I took this old shop till apart in the summer and it took me ages to figure out how to put it back together in such a way that the bell sounds, after much trial and error I got it to ding on closing which had to suffice (it should ding on opening!).

 Vintage Shop Till

I took the time to remove the label with the "Instructions" and spent event longer in my effort to locate it when I wanted to put it back than I did making the bell ding!

A Vintage Fuel Crisis!

The vintage jelly moulds would be great for creating your own vintage birthday party, I can remember as a child reading through the Readers Digest "Cookery Year" and wanting to make 'Bunnies on the Lawn", where pear halves made the bunnies, currants served as there eyes, almond flakes for ears and a squirt of cream for their tail - all set out on a tray of green jelly (the lawn).

Vintage Birthday Party 

I have to apologise for not posting some photograghs from the Olney Jumble, it was so busy that I was completely unable to get away to take some, however it was a lovely three hours and I found this lovely  coat! The Jumbles are great fun and we cannot wait for the next one in July.

Acquascutum At The Olney Jumble

I will draw to a close with my best wishes for a happy Valentine's.

Valentine's Wishes

We hope you will be able to make it to the fair on Sunday, there will be lots of lovely stalls and some some wonderful vintage things to find.

Forty-Nine Pence From A Prominent Supermarket

Tulips have been around for hundreds of years and single bulbs have exchanged hands for thousands of pounds so when the opportunity arises to buy a bunch for less than half a quid I could not resist - the romance of thrifting, there is no excuse not to.

See you at the fair.


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