Oh Oh Oh What A Lovely Fair!

"Enjoying Ourselves"

It has been a busy start to 2015 and as February draws to an end we will see out winter with The Stratford Vintage Fair which is taking place in the Town Hall on Saturday 28th February (2015). The Jumbles warmed up deepest January and before long we were on the road for Leamington Spa followed by The Stamford Fair which took place on Valentine's Day. The image of the children on the beach is from a 1930s annual that was given to me by one of the stall holders at Stamford before the fair opened. It was a lovely way to start the day.

A Hidden 1930s Watercolour!

I found so many things at the Stamford Fair that my car was full when I went home and to be honest there were a great many more things I would like to have taken home if I had seen them first (or if I had had more time to look around - many thanks to everyone who sat at the door for me). I will start with the pretty painting which was hidden in the pages of a drab looking autograph book, which I found in a large sack full of textiles, it cost one pound! It belonged to someone who was attending bible classes back in the 1930s, it contains a number of charming illustrations and verses.

Miss Gladys Cooper

I really liked this postcard of Gladys Cooper from Edwardian times, it also cost me just a single pound.

 Vintage Sanderson - "Constantia"

In the sack (please pardon the expression) with the little autograph book was a huge curtain about twelve feet wide, some parts of it were faded but it was covered in the most beautiful sprays of peonies (I can name around four of them - and yes you can get yellow peonies). I would say from the condition of the lining that it dates from the 1950s or early 1960s. It is a Sanderson fabric although it is a heavyweight sateen rather than the more common linen.

An Original Ottoman

I also found this lovely ottoman from the 1950s/60s, it is in completely original condition and the cute red formica table at the Stamford Fair. Both were brought down from Derbyshire from some friendly people who joined us for the first time (it was their first ever fair and they had some great some great things).

A Detail Of The Ottoman Fabric

Textiles of all sorts could be found on the stalls which completely filled the three rooms available to us.

A Vintage Floral Cape

I loved this 1950s cape which would have been used in a hairdressing salon, it is made of early nylon and has a wonderful floral pattern all over (again featuring peonies and red lilacs). 

The Coronation 

This is table cloth from the Coronation in 1953, it had a few old tea stains but cost hardly anything so I decided to take it. A soak in detergent followed by a plunge into a strong bleach solution (not recommended for a number of reasons) ending with a hot wash removed the lot without harming a fibre! I also found some lovely brownish crochet cushion covers from the 1970s, a pair of pink curtains from the 1940s, some lovely pieces of fabric including a large piece from the 1930s decorated with stylised shells and this huge 1970s lamp-shade.

A Huge Lamp-Shade

I also found the some Picquot Ware pieces and some old glass pepper pots.

Picquot & Pepper Pots

I paid three pounds for this set of Coat's embroidery silk samples. I am guessing they are from the 1960s or 70s, there are about one hundred and sixty different colours and all are numbered.

A Coat's Thread Sample Set

I also found three boxes of threads, the striped box is full and contains twenty-four spools and a lovely retro sewing basket covered in orange fabric. The threads were used to crochet doilies.

Vintage Haberdashery (At A Snip!)

I liked this pile of vintage hankies, they would look great sewn together to make a cushion.

Children's Hankies

I am getting better at keeping secrets and managed to keep these kissing pixies hidden until Valentine's Day (I found them at the Leamington Fair earlier in the month!)

Valentine's Pixies 

We had some vintage Valentine's cards from America in a draw, stylistically and artistically the cards are so much better than contemporary interpretations.

Valentine's Greetings From The USA

 The fun began back in early January with the Northampton Vintage Jumble, it was great fun and a chance to find some vintage bargains when little else is going on.

The Northampton Jumble 

The Northampton Jumble was followed by the Olney Vintage Jumble, it was a freezing cold day, especially for the stall holders who braved the conditions outside, inside the Church Hall it was much warmer.

Gentlemen At The Olney Jumble

There were plenty of bargains to be found, I found a lovely old Singer from 1911 at the Northampton Jumble.

January Jumble Finds

The Olney Jumble got off to a great start when one of the stall holders gave me the Bessie Smith biography. Particularly as the very same stall holder has consistently asked for some more 'up-beat- music at the fairs but instead of taking a step into the 1950s I delved further into the past and played Scott Joplin.

A 1970s Biography Of Bessie

 I also found four lovely yellow cushion covers decorated with sprigs of anemones.

A Set Of Cushion Covers

The lovely fabric was found in one of our stall holders Etsy Shop, it is decorated with boats asnd lighthouses and is very similar to the design created by Cath Kidston about ten years ago.

1950s Fabric

The fruit crates were in good condition and will be good for storage once I have cleaned them.

Here is the poster for Saturday's Fair, hope to see you in Stratford.

See You In Stratford Town Hall


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