Vintage Flowers & The Summer Fairs

Vintage Flowers From France

I love the vibrant colours of these old seed or plant labels from France. We bought them years ago and I  unearth them from time to time with intention of putting them to some decorative effect but I can never think of a suitable project (or more likely that I do not want to part with them).

More Vintage Flowers

Picking up the theme of vintage flowers I gathered up some tins for a group photo, most are original from the 1930s-60s however a couple of Cath Kidston's from more recent years have 'made the team'.

A Very Floral Fire Screen

The lovely screen was found by one of our stall holders and we were supposed to deliver it to another of our stall holders, however at some point another fire screen was found at a car boot sale and the original was no longer wanted. We liked it and were happy to offer it a home.

Saturday 30th May

There are locks of stocks in flower shops at the moment, they last for ages and the colours complement the poster for the Stamford Fair. You will find us as ever in Stamford Arts Centre on St. Mary's Street, there will be three rooms full of stalls.

Sunday 7th June

The Stratford Fair will then take place the following weekend on Sunday 7th June.

All The Advice You Will Ever Need

I love these little Mr Cuthbert's booklets, they are perfect for 'vintage gardening' as they detail how things would have been grown in the 1950s. They also look lovely displayed on a shelf or windowsill as the covers are so colourful and bright, acting as a reminder of the summer to come on greyer days.

1930s Style

I spotted this pack of cards on one of the stalls at the Northampton Fair back in April. Metrovick manufactured street lighting in the 1930s and presumably wanted to glamourise their very utilitarian products by employing a stylish image in their promotional wares.

The Flywheel Festival In June

We will be joining this new event which will be taking place over Midsummer weekend in June. The vent is being organised by Historic Promotions and will take place at Bicester Heritage in Oxfordshire.
The setting is very authentic and has many pre-War (World War 2) buildings and is set to become a hub for the for those with a passion for vintage aeroplanes and automobiles. Tickets and information can be found on the event website.

Bargains Galore

We will then be returning to St Matthew's in Northampton for the July Jumble. There will be stalls inside the hall and more outside on the lawn if the weather is good. The jumbles are great fun and take place in January and July.

Stalls Inside & Outside

One week later the fair will arrive in Olney. Currently no dates have been arranged for August however we may well be returning to Market Harborough, watch this space!

Best wishes for summer and hope to see you at one of the fairs.


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