Rosettes From The 80s & 90s

We found a bag full of these old pony show and country fair rosettes at when we visited the Antique and Collectors Fair at Newark yesterday. The photo shows just a few (the ones that have been ironed), there are lots and we will be taking them to the Stratford Fair on Sunday.

More Pretty Things  From Newark

We did not have long to look around the hundreds of stalls before driving to Oakham for lunch in the  Castle Cottage Cafe (three visits in three weeks) but found some pretty pieces of enamel,  a pair of little dogs and an old Nestle advertising board.

Cute Scotties 

It has been a busy week as the Stamford Fair took place last Saturday, some lovely stalls filled three rooms at Stamford Arts Centre.

Vintage Cottons

I loved this old Sylco drawer full of vintage cotton reels and wish that I had bought it. Fortunately the lady who brought it along will be joining us again in Stratford so it might just be there.

Suzanne's Stall

Suzanne set up home for the day in the Blue Room and can be found on Instagram @suzihearts.

More Vintage In The Blue Room

Mick and Julia brought down some interesting bits and pieces (and I have just remembered the lovely tartan tie that I forgot to buy, once again I will have another chance as they will also be crossing the Shires to join us inStratford on Sunday.

The Doors Will Open At 11am

Hope to see you in the Town Hall in Stratford on Sunday. 


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