The Return Of The Market Harborough Vintage Fair

 Saturday 30th January 2016

Preparations are well under way for the return of the Market Harborough Vintage Fair. We will be joined for the day by over forty traders from the local area, across the East Midlands and beyond.
The local radio station, Harborough FM will be helping to spread the word about the fair to the sounds of the Glenn Miller Orchestra (Click Here to listen to the advert).

The Sywell Classic Last September

It has been a while since my last post so here is a quick catch-up along with some of my favourite finds from along the way. The end of September was bathed in beautiful sunny weather and we had a fantastic time at the Sywell Classic (we will be back at Sywell 24th/25th September 2016).

The Lovely "Joan" At The Sywell Classic 2015

Although most of the stalls were tucked away inside the cavernous Hangar One the lovely vintage camp set up by lovelettersvintagecaravan (Instagram) created a fantastic first impression just outside the huge sliding doors (and yes it took over ten people and two hours to get them fully open!)

A Trio Of Tricolours

I found these French flags at the Stratford Fair back in September and they reminded me of Fred and Antoinette from Lincolnshire (they have American flags on their stall).

Vintage Roses

We found the place-mats (decorated with prints by Vernon Ward) and the barkcloth at the Sywell fair.

A Thrifting Bargain

I found these ducks in a small table top sale in my local library, they are very heavy and efficiently stop a particular door at home slamming shut (when a certain configuration of other doors results in a gale which tears through the house from front to back).

Film Stars From The 1940s

I found a lovely book full of pictures of British movie stars from the 1940s at the Olney fair in October. I do not like to deconstruct original things but sometimes it is simply the best way to display something so I mounted the individual pictures on thin board. They attracted a lot of interest when I took them to Market Harborough Market last week, it was particularly nice to see a number of persons of advanced age instantly recognising the stars on show.

A Wonderful Painted Silk Pillow Case

I found the silk pillow case at the Leamington fair in October, Teddy and Mavis (on whose stall I found it) always bring along some fantastic pieces and regularly join us at the fairs in Stratford and Leamington.

Vintage Romance

I found an old child's annual at the Northampton Fair in November and really liked the black and white prints inside. Annuals have been a wonderful source of inspiration for the posters I produce for the fairs, they contain some really good images that represent the 'pictorial style' of their time.

What Do You See?

I found this set of brooches at the Stratford Fair in November, it was a memorably busy day and I found some nice things. Do three flying ducks make you think of Sir Peter Scott or Hilda & Stan? Style wise they look good on denim and tweed.

A Christmas Project

I found the doll's chair in the Antique Centre in Olney and made the seat cover from some vintage fabric from the USA. The Polish dolls were borrowed from a shelf at home to help make the photo more interesting.

1950s Home Style

I like the design and images of mid-Century magazines and journals, especially those dealing with gardening and DIY. Some of the projects suggested in the magazines are the sought after homewares of today.

Crinoline Ladies - Vintage From The 1930s

I like 'crinoline ladies' as they remind me so much of the 1930s (I have illustrated this point before) as they were so frequently used as a design motif in all sorts of home crafts and homewares of the time. Yet I also like crinoline ladies in a similar way to which I like Laura Ashley designs of the 1970s and the early 1970s film The Go-Between (and for that matter The Go-Betweens, the Australian band from the 1980s).

An Authentic Makeover

I found the condiment pots at a small church hall sale last year, originally the tops were a cream colour, I found some old tins of enamel paint in my cellar and spent a few minutes dabbing it on with a worn out brush.

Delicate Vintage Cards From France

The cards were a find from the newly opened Leicester Antique Warehouse, a number of my friends from the world of 'vintage' have places there, they find some lovely things.

A Little Rustic Charm

We always like to find trugs and other wooden 'things' that can be used to store and tidy things away (particularly the excessive amount of ephemera floating around our home). The trouble is that they tend to fill up very quickly!

Valentine's In Stratford

If you do not make it to the Market Harborough Fair we will be in Stratford Town Hall on 13th February.

Take care and hope to see you at the fair.


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