The Autumn Fairs 2017

Vintage haberdashery and handmade items inspired by original designs or made using vintage materials can usually be found at the Stratford Fair as a number of very creative makers regularly join us there.

The autumn fairs began with the Stratford Vintage Fair in early October. The Stratford Fair takes place two or three times a year when we make the Town Hall our home for the day. 

The Town Hall is the building on the left in this vintage watercolour of Stratford High Street painted in the 30s or 40s, in the foreground is the Garrick Inn.

The end of October found us in Stamford. The fair takes place in the ballroom at Stamford Arts Centre which is situated on St Mary's Street. The Arts Centre has an excellent cafe and is open early!

The Olney Fair takes place inside the pretty St Peter & St Paul's Church Hall which is a very short walk from the busy Market Place in the centre of town. Olney has lots of independent shops, cafes and is great for thrifting as there are several charity shops which have good quality items (I once found a great large old wooden plate rack in one of them).

As much as I like visiting fairs, markets and shops I always feel more satisfied when I find something I like in a chair shop or at a car boot sale (although most car boots re too easy for me). I really liked the cover of this 1920s edition which I found in the Oxfam book store in Olney.

We returned to Stratford for our last fair of 2017 and we returned home with a lot more things than we had arrived with, including this cute little dog which I found in the nearby antiques centre and a kitchen cabinet from France (which had been brought along by one of the stall holders). 

There is often much to look at in the streets in Stratford, I spotted this group of players when I went looking for a cup of Earl Grey.

If you would like any information about the fairs please call 07827 228747 or email or contact by Facebook or Instagram.


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