Some Recent Finds & The Stratford Fair

A French Fruit Bowl

We love old French trivets which find their way to the UK, they are usually shades of blue from pastel to sky. So when we spotted this fruit bowl in a barn sale in Suffolk it was a must have!

Recent Vintage Finds

Blue and green and colours we tend towards so I was really pleased to find this set of old Tala sugar shakers (or flour shakers, particularly large pepper pots etc) on one of the stalls in the vintage fair at the Sywell Classic which took place in September. The Putz sheep are German and date from the 1920s/30s, they were rounded up during a recent trip to Suffolk.

Sywell Aerodrome In Northamptonshire

The Sywell Classic takes place at Sywell Aerodrome in Northamptonshire. The setting has many authentic buildings from the 1930s and retains the ambiance of the golden age of flying before the Second World War. This year the weather was unkind and it rained for much of. the weekend until the skies cleared on the Sunday afternoon, I headed home to Northampton as a setting sun turned the sky a vivid pink.

Saturday 6th October 11-4

I will 'return' to Sywell in a moment, I must first display the poster for the forthcoming Vintage & Handmade Fair in Stratford Town Hall. The Stratford Fair takes place two or three times a year.

This lovely fire screen was on one of the stalls at Sywell, I am not sure how the lead would stand up to a raging open fire but it would look lovely sitting in the hearth through summer.

Sara and Joan At Sywell

As poor weather was expected Sarah and Joan of @lovelettersvintagecaravan decided to 'set up camp' inside in the corner of Hangar One. Sarah will be joining us at the Stratford Fair (minus Joan!).

An Original Utility Coat

I bought this very nice coat from Amber Prestige Vintage at Sywell. It is an original Utility coat from the 1940s and has the CC41 label, rather amazingly it is a near perfect fit! At least I think so, a friend suggested that it wears me rather than I it!

I Sang A Song!

I found this lovely Singer at Sywell and I think "Jai Ne Regret Rie"n was playing in the background at the time so I probably did sing a few words as its one of my favourites. Needless to say I like old sewing machines.

Retro Road Safety

These two old Pifco lamps caught my eye, they were not expensive so I took them home. I was really pleased when I found the huge batteries they require in a local shop and was even more pleased when they both worked as they should.

A Splash Of Autumn

I will end with some autumn colour, the flowers are from my garden and the jug is an early Cath Kidston piece which we found at a fair years ago.


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