Rainy Days, Saved By Vintage Scraps And Market Harborough Ho!

1930s Style

A combination of the poor weather of recent weeks and of having organised three fairs in four weeks (Olney, Stamford & The Jubilee Garden Party) has meant that I have not had much opportunity to find any vintage treasures. However I have managed to finish the last bits of decorating in our kitchen (a simple job that I contrived to turn into a task of Homeric proportion! - I started in early April with the statement "it will be done in 2 or 3 weeks" and now understand how Odysseus felt when it took him 10 years to return home after the war with Troy was done and dusted).

Glamour In The Most Unexpected Places
I found that I had little to blog about as I had not been out then my saviour appeared to me in the form of an old vintage scrapbook that has been resting on a shelf at home for a number of years. The faded and worn thin red cloth that bound the scrapbook promised little but inside were hundreds of beautiful images.

The Profile Of Vintage

Whoever collected the images and took the time to cut and paste them onto the pages created a sort of time capsule. Many of the images are of ladies pictured in striking poses, capturing forever the glamour and style of the 1930s. Interestingly men are not depicted widely and only seldom appear, often as adjuncts to the ladies portrayed or as comic figures.

The Bank Manager Calls?

I guess the scrapbook was compiled by a girl or young woman. Part of the fun of looking at old scrapbooks is trying to pull the strands of evidence together in an attempt to understand what thoughts are being captured and what stories are being told.

Stop In The Name Of The Law
(and come to the fair in Market Harborough!)

Another theme in the collected images is of ladies in a variety of domestic settings.

Corn Flakes - As Popular Then As Now

The notion of the strong female home maker is probably as 'old as the hills' but this image of a lady in  in her 30s in the 30s (you might need to read that again - it is not a typo) makes me think of my 
grandmother who bought up her seven children in this decade.

The Pantry - An Important Part Of A 30s Home

Women attending to many aspects of home-management is not exclusive to the 30s.

Reminds Me Of Last Week
(when I painted the kitchen floor)

I spent hours looking through the pages, thinking of ways I could bring the images to life in some way. I have annotated a few and have posted them on the fair's Facebook page (a very contemporary utilisation).

The 30s Cottage Garden
Cottage garden scenes, usually with a lady dressed in crinoline are often found on 30s crockery. The sorts of things depicted in the scrapbook can be found for sale at our fairs. Original homewares from the 30s-60s are always well represented on the stalls, we have have wonderful sellers who spend a lot of time and effort to source some lovely pieces.

Market Harborough 30th June 11-4
Our Next Fair!

I drove up to Market Harborough last week to pin up a few posters for the forthcoming fair and as usual I found myself enjoying a cream-tea. Nestled in the corner of the lovely cafe in Joules Yard I tucked into warm scones and strawberry jam.

Joules Of Market Harborough

Joules Yard is where you will find old pine furniture and vintage garden planters, Joules Eating House adjoins the yard and next door is Joules (yes that Joules) clothing shop. All are lovely and worth a visit, I bought a pair of white jeans in the sale. Joules is very much a Harborough institution, the walls of the eating house are lined with old sheet music.

Wayne Hemingway's Festival

While in Joules I picked up a flyer for the forthcoming Vintage Festival at Boughton House, it looks like it is going to be great fun. I am the local correspondent for the festival, here is a link to the Vintage Correspondents (but beware you will see a photo of me in a sleeveless sweater!). http://www.vintagefestival.co.uk/blog-page/vintage-correspondents
Vicky from Vicky Loves Vintage who regularly has a stall with us will be part of the vintage market at the festival.

The 2nd Vintage Jumble

Thinking ahead to the height of summer you will be able to grab a vintage bargain at the 2nd Vintage Jumble in Northampton. Then two weeks later you will find us in  Olney for our 4th visit to this beautiful market town, the fair in May was a great success and we cannot wait to return.

Find Us In Fabulous Olney In August

I will be driving up to Market Harborough several times before the fair and will keep you posted as the day of the fairs draws closer. Here are a few more pictures from the scrapbook.

New York Skyline

I like this skyline scrap, I think it is New York. The birds below appear a few times in the album, pictured alongside a glass of orange juice.

Does Anyone Know Which Product/Brand
These Three Birds Represent
This last image has been annotated by me, it is an extraordinary and makes me laugh. Best wishes and hope to see you soon.

As The Caption Says
"See You At The Fair"


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