Some Photos From Yesterday's Stamford Vintage Fair

My Favourite Image From Yesterday's Fair

I found this Ladybird Book of Garden Flowers as I walked around at the end of yesterday's fair. It has some great illustrations and dates to 1960/61.

Great As Vintage Gifts For Children

I am also a bit sentimental when it comes to summer flowers as I had a garden full of them before our lovely hens started there free-ranging life last June. They have removed every single blade of grass from the lawn, and by jumping and flapping have cleared the lower three feet of the hydrangea which clings to the wall. In their favour they happen to be very entertaining and have provided two eggs per day without a break for months.

When I Had Foxgloves

Yesterday we were in Stamford for our first fair in this magnificent town. Stamford Arts Centre provided us with an elegant home for the afternoon, the chandelier decked ballroom and the mirrored 'Blue Room' looked beautiful as the stalls began to take shape. Many thanks to the very helpful staff at the centre who are doing an amazing job for Stamford and the local area, a venue for many activities and a great meeting place.

Stamford Arts Centre

The rooms were full of brilliantly presented displays by mid-morning and there was a great variety of things to suit the eclectic tastes of contemporary vintage.

Lovely Handmade Cushions, Shades & Original French Pieces

It was great to see Heather from Hellish Designs and Wendy from Ticking Stripes who made the trip down from  Notts to be with us.

Some Love Vintage French Linen & Enamel Ware

Amanda from Charente Vintage also brought along some lovely pieces from France. Amanda, Wendy and Heather will be with us when the fair returns to Market Harborough at the end of June.

Colour & Style From Antoinette's Vintage

Fred and Antoinette's stall caught the eye of the reporter from the Stamford Mercury, reputedly England's oldest newspapers. If you want to have a look at the press release and to see cap wearing the like of which has not been seen since Kevin Rowland or Wayne Hemingway c1981, here is (a rather lengthy!)  link, Fred did make me laugh when he enquired whether the DJ had been hung when the music stopped, a conversation which quickly referenced The Specials and Wigan Casino (a retrieved power lead and the band played on!).

Festive Jubilee Vintage
The Diamond Jubilee celebrations were reflected in the lovely stalls, crammed full of pieces, many dating from the early 50s.

Vintage Finery

Vintage kitchenalia is always popular at our fairs and large enamel pieces can be used to dramatic visual effect in both period and contemporary interiors. Naturally coffee made in an old enamel pot tastes much nicer than that extracted from a modern appliance.

Perfect For Baking & Sunday Lunch

Although not a fan a mustard I have to concede that it is a vital ingredient if you want to make the best cheese scones.

The Quality Of Vintage Packaging

We will be returning to Stamford in December for a seasonal Vintage Fair. We hope you enjoyed the day and wish you well for the remainder of the Jubilee Bank Holiday.

Jubilee Celebrations - 60 Years

I will be blogging again soon as Market Harborough is 27 days and counting.

30th June

See you at the Three Swans in what will hopefully be a 'flaming June'.


ted and bunny said…
fair looks great!
the thing with chooks is that you don't get any slugs in the garden...trouble is, you don't get any plants either, although I have discovered they won't touch euphorbia!
Nostalgic Vicky said…
Great fair in Stamford! Lovely town. When's the next one??

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