Saturday's Fair In Stamford

A Very Vintage Christmas

It was freezing cold when we set off for Stamford in the dark on Saturday morning, arriving in a warm and welcoming Arts Centre an hour later. When entering Stamford from the Kettering Road be prepared for the grandeur of the vista as you turn on to the main street and drive down the hill past the   George and then up the other side towards St Mary's.

Hats Galore From 'Antoinette's Vintage'

The team at the Arts Centre had thought of us and had turned the heating up and it was much appreciated, soon the stall holders arrived and there was hour of 'coming and going' before everyone settled into our home for the day, the cosy Ballroom and Blue Room.

A Beautiful Gucci Case

I found this lovely case hidden under one of the tables, the top of which had been draped in vintage sackcloth, the juxtaposition of supple luxury and basic necessity was striking.

Sackcloth & Silver

I popped out into the busy streets to pin up a few more signs and noticed all the Christmas trees bundled up outside one of the shops, when I returned there was a queue of people waiting for the fair to start!

The Fair In The Ballroom At Stamford Arts Centre

I enjoyed a laugh with Fred (of Antoinette's Vintage) about the fashion advice I offered in my last 
blog-post, perhaps there is some mileage in the 'Heroes of Telemark' look.

Classic 60s Styling

I had the opportunity to talk with people visiting the fair for the first time when they arrived as well as greeting many 'friends of the fair'. I really must update the music we play at the fairs although I am keen to maintain the 20s-early60s theme although I could not resist including a track from a few years later which prompted one of our stall holders to comment that that it was the first time he had heard a Velvet Underground track at a vintage fair (thanks Ian).

Costume Jewellery

Costume jewellery and glass are affordable ways to capture part of the vintage style, a pressed-glass vase full of fresh cut flowers can transform the most ordinary of sills in the same way that a well chosen brooch can set off a jacket or coat perfectly.

Fill With Chocolates For A Vintage Xmas Table

Small pieces of furniture such as stools and shelves, colourful old tins with good designs and vintage enamel and zinc are also popular - I should have bought an old mop-bucket I spotted at a recent fair as the combination of hens, lots of rain, a dog and a painted kitchen floor at home make for much mopping.

Vintage Rustic Wares
This basket of old teddies looked very cute and I am very happy to say that none of them require a battery to make them 'work'.

Teddies Looking For A New Home

I have mentioned the worth of vintage toys and old books for children before, I think they make wonderful gifts, there is something lovely about passing a previously treasured toy onto a new generation.

A Set Of Old Skittles
We returned home with this set of vintage skittles complete with a very worn old red wooden ball. I set them them up on the hall floor on Sunday afternoon, our dog was dozing at the time and was clearly startled when eight out of the nine pins clattered to the ground around his ears.

Vintage Tins

Soon it was time to bring the fair to a close and we stepped out into the flag-stoned streets after collecting the roses from the tea-room.

We Enjoyed Our Day In Stamford
The fair will be in Stamford in May and November next year, we look forward to returning very much. Our last vintage fair of 2012 will be taking place in Olney.

Saturday 15th Decemeber 11am-4pm
Many thanks to our stall holders , the team at Stamford Arts Centre and everyone who came along on the day.


Nostalgic Vicky said…
So sorry to have missed Stamford this time! The Nostalgic Kitchen will be there next year. The stalls all looked fabuous.

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