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We will have a small number of Pretty Nostalgic magazine for sale at the Olney Christmas Fair on Saturday, it is the Christmas edition which has features on vintage baubles, old photographs and "a short history of Christmas" (and much more too).

The Christmas Edition

The season is well and truly upon us and we are looking forward to our last fair of 2012.

Back To Black & White

I drove over to Olney this afternoon to complete preparations for the Olney Christmas Vintage Fair which is taking place at St Peter & St Paul's Church Hall on Saturday. On the way the trees and hedgerows looked wonderful and I jumped out to get a couple of photos, all the colour of the landscape had been drawn away by the cold.

Siberia (aka North Bucks)

I briefly imagined myself back to Russia c1917 and I thought of Zhivago and Lara hidden away in the  sanctuary of the frozen countryside, a sanctuary which tragically could not withstand the enormity of events that enveloped them. My own romantic associations with wintery scenes proved equally temporary as I recalled that heavy rain, strong winds and about 11 degrees are forecast for tomorrow (all of which will clear away hopefully presenting us with a lovely sunny day for the fair).

See You On Saturday
The Doors Open At 11am

The Church Hall is about 100 yards away from the busy Market Place, or as I prefer "about 30 seconds from the lovely Olney Deli". I of course called in and left warmed by a pot of Earl Grey clutching a bag of speciality cheeses.

A Merry Xmas
(image courtesy of The Stock Solution)

I would like to wish all 'friends of the fair' a very merry Xmas and see you at the fair!


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