Homes & Antiques, The Nostalgic Kitchen And A Trip To Leicester

The Nostalgic Kitchen at Kibworth

Yesterday I drove up to Leicestershire to put up a few posters for the forthcoming Vintage Fair in Market Harborough. My first stop  saw me popping in to  Kibworth Antiques Centre to have a look at Vicky's Nostalgic Kitchen

Everything You Need For The Perfect Vintage Kitchen

Vicky regularly has a stall at our fairs and will be with us on 2nd February at The Three Swans in Harborough. Some of our stall holders including Vicky are featured on the homepage of Homes & Antiques magazine, the photos were taken by Alice who joined us at the Vintage Jumble last week.

Homes & Antiques Go Jumbling

Alice, who is an ambassador for Homes & Antiques will be joining us again for our special Easter Vintage Fair in Northampton, 'Vintage in the Park'.

See You In The Spring

If you do not want to wait until the end of March you can find the fair on it's travels around the shires.

Saturday 2nd February

We will be in Market Harborough at the beginning of February before moving on to Olney for 9th February.

Saturday 9th February

We will then have a break for a few weeks before travelling over to the other side of Bucks to the lovely Old Town Hall in Buckingham for the first Sunday in March.

Sunday 3rd March

I will return to my trip to Leicestershire! After Kibworth I drove up to the Clarendon Park area of Leicester to visit a couple of shops I found last summer to have a snoop around.

Stuff - 245 Clarendon Park Road

There is always something interesting to find inside Stuff, the place is full of all sorts of furniture, garden statuary and curios. I chatted to the friendly proprietor before heading around the corner to 
Vintage Utopia (which unfortunately was closed as Tuesday is auction day in Leicester).

Vintage Utopia - Montague Street

I called into Joules in Market Harborough for lunch on my way back to Northampton, the quiche contained ham so I went for a veggie breakfast although by then it was early afternoon. I was glad to be home before dark because I wanted to take some photos of some recently acquired vintage hairdressing equipment.

Puma Clippers 

I found the clippers in a charity shop in Northampton, they are really well made and are apparently quite collectable. Puma hairdressing products were made in Germany, I think the clippers are from the 1930s. I have tried them and they work perfectly although I now have to go for a cut to make good the mess I have made.

Vintage Barbering

The clippers are an ideal partner to this razor which a neighbour gave to me last week, the same gentleman gave me a lovely copy of "The Art & Craft of Hairdressing" a few months ago, I am waiting for the snow and ice to melt to say "thank-you", because then I am sure I will catch him waking his dog past our home.

Vintage Ponies In The Snow

These horses decorate a lovely tin we found in our local vintage shop, if the extremely cold weather persists (the Daily Mail is 'talking up' temperatures of minus 20 degrees), we might find all sorts of rural creatures venturing into town in their search for food, wild ponies probably not but perhaps the odd partridge.

Best wishes to everyone and see you soon.


Nostalgic Vicky said…
So proud of my little Nostalgic Kitchen at Kibworth Antiques Centre thanks for showing such great photos. Can't wait for the next fair at Market Harborough...may have to wear dark glasses though as I am so famous now having been in Homes & Antiques Magazine!!
I used to live round the corner from 'Stuff' when I was at uni in Leicester. If I remember correctly, the Loros bookshop on Clarendon Park Road is excellent!

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