Vintage French Gifts & The Vintage Jumble

Marseille In The 50s

We received this lovely tin as a present for Christmas, it shows the scene on a busy quay in 50s Marseille just after the catch was landed. The tin itself journeyed from France to Scotland and happily ended it's travels under our Xmas tree.

Berets, Caps, Crew Necks & Smocks
I have always liked everyday images that capture some sense of the style of a moment in time, the utilitarian dress of these fishermen could easily be adopted today (there is a nice sky blue shetland crew neck in the Joules sale to start the outfit). I like to refer to films that similarly capture the essence or the 'look' of the time, the closest I got to 1950s  Marseille is A Bout De Souffle (1960).

December 1953

We found this Christmas edition of The Practical Householder when we gathered in Olney for the last fair of 2012. It has a step-by-step guide to painting an iron bath with enamel paint, following the instructions provided would have seen the task completed in six days, ideal for anyone who likes to live the 'period' lifestyle on the domestic front and who does not mind investing in a zinc tub to use as an interim solution.

Not Advised!

Probably much less practical than having a bath out of action for a week and certainly more dangerous would be the guide to colouring incandescent bulbs using shellac and aniline dyes, the recipe sounds like a health and safety nightmare and involves dipping 'burning' bulbs into a lacquer.

60s Hygena Cabinet

I recently completed work on a cabinet I collected from Hinkley a few months ago, the doors are painted in Primrose yellow, inside one of the doors is a metal compartment for storing bread and there are integral measuring scoops for flour and sugar.

Home Baking In Here Please

Another addition to our home arrived just before Christmas in the form of an old trunk. Apparently these are being used as coffee tables but I think it looks better sitting in a corner.

Vintage Voyageur

The case belonged to Major Graham (with perhaps links to Newbury) and the old luggage labels reveal visits to exotic places. We found the trunk in the Antiques Centre in Olney and had only been brought in to the shop a few hours earlier.

Another Connection To Marseille

We also found this lovely decorative French tin in Vintage French Finds, a new vintage shop in Northampton which I mentioned a few weeks ago, also taking home a lovely large pressed-glass vase which is still full of the lilies which we filled it with on Christmas morning.

Inside There Is A Little Mirror

The unintentional 'french' theme that has gathered it's own momentum as I write is going to be further reinforced by these cute vintage Perrier glasses again from Vintage French Finds.

Summer - We Are Waiting

The glasses are waiting in a cupboard and will come into their own when the sun is shining. However we do not have to have to wait for summer for some 'vintage warmth', come along to the Vintage Jumble on 12th January. There will be lots of stalls, bargains galore and yummy cakes in the 'old style' tea-shop.

Jumble Fever

Alice from BBC Homes & Antiques Magazine will be having a stall with us and we hope that we will be as busy as when we held the first Vintage Jumble last January, everyone had a super day and there was a marvellous atmosphere in the sales rooms. Start your new year in vintage style and make your way to St Matthew's in Northampton, we have managed to squeeze in twenty-nine stalls so there will be something for everyone.

Saturday 12th January 11am-2pm

Best wishes for 2013 and see you at the Jumble.


ted and bunny said…
what lovely new finds- I do rather like Madame's leather coat on the French tin!

Have a fab jumble and happiest of happy new year wishes
Nostalgic Vicky said…
Can't wait for the jumble and you know Mrs Nostalgic Kitchen loves loves loves your beautiful kitchen larder. Such pretty colours. Let the vintage 2013 games begin!

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