Vintage Finds At The Leamington Fair

Finds From The Leamington Fair

We had a lovely time when the fair visited Leamington Spa on Sunday and returned home with some pretty finds.
A French Mystery

I particularly liked this little tin and have seen one or two others similarly decorated with a charming lady, I think it may be from France and probably dates from the early 60s.

Preparing For Christmas

 I spotted these Chinese Lantern decorations as I walked around at the end of the fair, they date from the 50s/60s and were an early import from Hong Kong.

Blackie's Girls' Annual

I love the covers of these annuals which were published in the 20s and 30s and always buy them when I see a copy in good condition. 

The View From The Gallery

The stalls were set out in the Main Hall and The Conservatory of the Royal Pump Rooms.

One Of The Stalls In The Conservatory

Leamington is such a nice place to hold a vintage fair and the Royal Pump Rooms have a certain grandeur and elegance that only adds to the occasion.

The Royal Pump Rooms - Our Home For The Day

We will be returning to Leamington on 20th October and then again in February for a 'Valentine's Vintage Fair'.

Homes & Antiques Ambassador Suzanne

It was lovely to see Suzanne from Hearts & Kisses and her super display of vintage inspired handmade gifts. Suzanne has a stall at lots of our fairs and as an Ambassador for H&As Magazine can arrange  subscriptions to the UK's most popular title.

The 60s Kitchen Table

Original kitchen furniture and effects are always popular and make for a great display, we are fortunate that we have two great kitchenalia specialists who regularly have stalls with us presenting good items from the 30s through to the 70s.

The Well Stocked Cupboard

This cabinet looked great and attracted a lot of attention, I really like the vintage Pyrex 'Snowflake' baking dishes, many thanks to Claire for bringing them along. Thinking about the 'vintage kitchen' leads handily into me explaining about a little departure for the fair when I and Vicky from The Nostalgic Kitchen have a display stall at the '1940s Day' which has been organised by the Derngate & Royal Theatre in Northampton. It should be great fun and has been arranged to celebrate the opening night of "To Sir With Love" and I expect I shall be sporting the 'just returned from the allotment look'! 
It is taking place on Saturday 7th September from 4p to 7pm, I will write about this again closer to the time. 

Perfect For The Vintage Allotment

Had these brown shoes been just one size larger then they would have returned home with me to be teamed with a loose shirt and sleeveless sweater although if I ever do venture onto an allotment I hope I do not bump into either of these!

Not Your Usual Vintage Fayre!

I think the glass and brass encased beetle would make a wonderfully tactile paperweight, these creepy characters were on the same stall as the pretty little tin from France I mentioned earlier in this post.

Pip n Mix In The Conservatory

'Pip & Mix' regualarly have a stall with us and will next be with us in September in Northampton although you can catch them at Twinwood over the August Bank Holiday.

Textiles, Textiles & More Textiles

Boxes of textiles are always worth a rummage as you never know what you may find.

Clothes & Cases

Vintage Cards From Merriman's Vintage Jamboree
Cherry of Merriman's Vintage Jamboree brought along some lovely vintage birthday cards and also took some great photos of the day which have been posted in an album titled "Lovely Leamington".

Many thanks to Fiona Murray who came along and wrote about the Leamington Fair in her lovely blog, we hope you will be able to come along again soon.

I will be writing again soon as we prepare for the Northampton Vintage Fair & Late Summer Garden Party at the Spinney Hill.

Saturday 24th August

Best wishes and see you at the Fair.


Nostalgic Vicky said…
Such lovely images...there were so many treasures there on Sunday it was hard to resist buying everything! You clearly have never been on an allotment Trevor to know that those shoes would be totally unsuitable however fabulous!!

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