Saturday Night, Sunday Morning and Next Week's Fair in Harborough

The Three Swans in Market Harborough
This water-colour of the Three Swans hangs in the foyer of the hotel, I noticed it when I was in Market Harborough  last Friday. I had travelled up to complete some last minute 'postering' which principally involves asking various local businesses to display posters for the forthcoming 3rd Market Harborough Vintage Fair. As usual people were very positive and helpful and I would like to say thank you to Costa, Joules Yard, Emmerson & West and GorGeous Shoes.
Find The Fair Through The Arch
The Three Swans is a very historic and very old coaching inn, situated 21 High Street, this magnificent wrought iron sign hangs outside.  The fair will be taking place in the Fairfax and Cromwell Suites. The fair starts at 11am and will close at 4pm, tea and cakes will be available throughout and there will be lots of stalls selling original vintage items from the 20s - 60s and handmade items made from vintage fabrics.
GorGeous Shoes
It was a very cold clear day with a biting wind from the East and cosy tea rooms beckoned and proved to be a warm refuge.
Saturday 11th February 11 - 4
I visited the indoor market hall  which on a Sunday provides home to the well established weekly antiques market, and decided that I would take a pitch later this weekend.
St Dionysius & The Old Grammar School
As I drove home the winter sun was low on the horizon and the freezing air hung just above the rolling green fields. Content in my plans to return early on Sunday morning for the market I arrived home.
As Saturday progressed I checked the forecast and snow seemed likely and finally started in the evening and continued for hours.  Anyone who has tried to drive a rear wheel drive automatic in snow will understand why I decided not to go to the market!
Saturday Night
So instead of packing the car I decided to work on a few small pieces of furniture. I used Annie Sloan chalk paints, the chair and milking stool are painted in 'Monet Blue' and the mirrors are in 'Cream', which is a rich light yellow. I will have to wait for the snow to melt before I can distress the paint and finish with clear wax. I stopped work around midnight by which time a thick blanket of snow covered everything.
Sunday Morning
When I ventured out to buy some logs for the fire the streets were transformed, tarmac and granite turned pure white.
Our two hens have never seen snow before and tried to balance on the rims of plant pots to avoid it.They  did not want to move from their perches until  I cleared the path for them and coaxed them down with meal worms.

We are really looking forward to the fair in Market Harborough and hope to see you there.


LandGirl1980 said…
You shall certainly see me there. I am coming up from Surrey to visit family and shall be having a good route around :)
Rest assured, the cold weather should come to an end shortly!!

Sharon : )

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