Late Summer Blooms In Early March

These vintage French flower seed labels have been hiding away in a sewing tin which lives on our landing. I found them when I was looking for some black thread as I wanted to 'make do and mend' my favourite black sweater.

Vintage French Seed Labels

They are very colourful, well drawn and have a gummed back for application, they are perfect for a project as they are so distinctive. I think I am trying to hasten the onset of summer by showing the flowers of June, July and August.

A Ranunculus

I kept these packets, the seeds were set a few years ago and the Sunflowers did really well but I think that Parsley and Radish would be of great interest to our hens.

Cath Kidston Seed Packets

I hope to get out into the garden soon and try to make sense of the wasteland created by our free-ranging hens. However before then I need to mention the 8th Northampton Vintage Fair which is taking place on Saturday. There will be twenty four stalls in total and the doors will open at 12 noon.

Find Your Way To The Fair

The fair is taking place in the parish centre which is situated behind St Matthews Church in the Kingsley area of town. Tea and cakes will be waiting for you when you arrive.


Hopefully you will return home from the fair  with your 'to be cherished' vintage finds. These cards are from a game called Gulliver's Travels, from the 30s/40s. I wish I knew the rules but the instructions have been lost.

How Long Is Your Journey To The Fair

I think I will use some of the cards to make gift tags.

Moonlight Serenade

This is the only card in the pack which has two little birds in the corner, if anyone does know the rules please let me know.

Best wishes and see you on Saturday.


ted and bunny said…
tea and cakes waitin? I'm on my way!!
Have a great fair

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