Plans For A July Jumble

Saturday 21st July In Northampton

Just wanted to let you know that we have set a date for the 2nd Vintage Jumble at St Matthews. We had a great time back in January, there was a great atmosphere although I think we did make a significant contribution to traffic congestion in the Kingsley Park Terrace area of Northampton. 

An Interesting Insight

I am currently reading a book about the Festival of Britain, it focusses on the 'politics', personalities and legacy of this amazing event. Sadly much of the festival was dismantled and scrapped by an incoming government, some exhibits found their way into schools and museums and the Poplar Estate and Royal Festival Hall in London are still very much with us. I was quite taken with the descriptions of people dancing in the summer night, something which took place every night during the Festival period. 

Buckingham 1st April

Very much on the horizon is our first fair in Buckingham which is taking place on Sunday (another first) 1st April. I will be going down to Buckingham tomorrow to complete some final preparations.

Yesterday I spent a few hours tidying the front garden, the weather was ideal, very warm and sunny and it is going to be even warmer tomorrow, so I will not have the freezing cold to use as an excuse when I find myself in a coffee shop.

Spring Cleaning Al Fresco

Many houses in the 30s were sold with a birdbath installed in the front garden, a concession to nature during a time of massive suburban sprawl.

Blackbirds Love It

A blackbird regularly splashes around in the morning. Being in the garden left me little time to go out looking for some vintage finds but I did have a play around with some old classroom prints. I like to frame these, they are so colourful and evocative of bygone years.

   'Growing Bulbs In School'  No 45

I like this one because Hyacinths are in flower at the moment, adding real colour and scent to early spring.

A Pile Of Shabby Prints

School prints tend to sell really well at our vintage fairs (probably because if I see them I will probably buy them!).

'An Orange Grove'  No 35

On reflection I am sure that this image of an orange grove lead me to pick orange as the main colour of the poster for the 2nd Vintage Jumble.

Will be posting again soon after my visit to Buckingham.


ted and bunny said…
the July Jumble sounds real fun!
I love the way you've set up the fair blog, its great to look thru all the tabs at the top
Nostalgic Vicky said…
Please can you book me a stall at the July Jumble. Thanks Vicky - The Nostalgic Kitchen xx
Have a fab time at Buckingham. Sorry I can't be there, I'm already booked for a fair in Sutton Coldfield. See you soon, Amy x

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