Yesterday's Fair In Market Harborough

One Of The Lovely Stalls From Saturday

We had a great time on Saturday when the fair visited Market Harborough for the fifth time. I set off from Northampton just before 8am (not realising that I had left a 30s parasol and set of knitting needles in a puddle on the front path) and drove through the mirk. I arrived in Harborough half an hour later and found that I had once again failed in my bid to be 'first to arive', some of our stall holders had arrived even earlier than me. My Captain Scott moment soon passed.

A Very Interesting Collection

Through the course of the next two hours the large sales room was transformed into a riot of colour as the stalls took shape. I busied myself with the putting up of signs, the tables in the tea-room had already been laid so I had time to walk down to Emmerson and West Ltd to grab one of their delicious poached salmon and dill mayonnaise rolls.

The Tea Room (Before The Fair Started!!)

There were some great individual pieces on the and many of the collections on display were well put together.
One would have been able to both furnish and fully equip a period 50s/60s kitchen just inside the sales room as our first two stalls featured specialist kitchenalia and kitchen furniture.

Spot The Very Cute Radio

I really liked the radio from the 50s which is hiding behind the storage jars, why have a 'Roberts' when you can have an original. It may not be digital but it looks great.

A Beautiful Display Cabinet

I had little opportunity to walk around the fair as I was kept busy at the entrance, the horrible mid-morning weather certainly did not deter the good people of Harborough and the surrounding shire lands. When I finally managed to escape from the front desk I had a quick whizz around and found this wonderful shop display case full of coloured threads. Sadly it had already been sold.

A Very Colourful Cosy
Some pieces, such as this chenille tea-cosy are not costly and would make a great gift for a tea drinker. The recipient of the gift would of course need to maintain the traditional habit of using a pot to prepare their tea.

Perfect For Vintage Desserts
Traditional custards and jellies set in old moulds would I am sure taste nicer if eaten off shiny vintage cutlery.

Plastic Fantastic

David from 'Paper and Plastics' ( ) regularly joins the fair when it visits Market Harborough, his stall looked great and I love the combination of choice vintage magazines, early plastic domestic wares and 60s-80s fashion items.

An Array Of Original Bangles And Bracelets

There was a great atmosphere in the sales room which resembled a smart indoor market (complete with music from the period) and a big thank you to customers, stall holders and 'friends of the fair' who dressed in finest vintage attire.

Twiglight And Homeward Bound

The last light of day was slipping into the cold night sky as we said goodbye to The Three Swans, our home for the day.

A Few Things We Took Home
Of the things we took home I particularly liked the boxed Pyrex 'Gaiety' casserole dish complete with it's original box and leaflet. The colour is blue and features a snowflake design and would be perfect for a winter stew.

60s/70s Pyrex

The fair will be visiting Market Harborough three times next year, the dates will be posted soon. As our next fair was only one week later, in the lovely market town of Olney in Buckinghamshire I set up a small leaflet display at the entrance to the fair.

Welcome To The Fair

On next fair is taking place in Olney on Saturday 10th November. I will be blogging again as we approach the day and will announce the dates the 2013 once the fair in Olney has taken place.

5th Olney Vintage Fair
Tomorrow I am going to visit the newly opened 'Vintage French Finds' in Northampton. Best wishes and see you in Olney next Saturday.


Nostalgic Vicky said…
Love the farewell photo of the twinkling lights of the Three Swans. So many lovely stalls on Saturday..noone left empty handed!

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