Some Pictures From Saturday's Fair In Olney

Ford Anglia

I spotted this beautiful Ford Anglia in a very traditional garage at the top of the High Street in Olney  on the Friday before the fair on my way home from setting up the room. It is primrose yellow, I do not know if this is it's original colour but it looked fantastic, it caused me to stop and enquire about it.

A Sunbeam Mixmaster

On Saturday we gathered in St Peter & St Pauls Church Hall for the 5th Olney Vintage Fair. It is a pretty building, made of mellowed stone, has large lattice casement windows and is only a moment's walk from the bustling heart of this rather special market town. The hall was full of stalls and tables for tea nestled in the corners. Vintage kitchenalia is always popular at our fairs and there are usually a few 'standout' pieces such as this Sunbeam Mixer which I spotted in Vicky's 'Nostalgic Kitchen. The Sunbeam Mixmaster was first made in the USA in the early 30s, the white bowls are made of glass it and would look great in a vintage style kitchen.

Tala Hearts
It would look even better if used to 'whip up' a cake although perhaps fold would be a better word, and the cakes would I'm sure taste nicer if they were turned out of these vintage heart pans.

A Tricky Occupation

I also liked this pail though it seems a bit impractical as one would have to move all the eggs around to ensure that those that needed eating first would be at the top! The next item (pictured below) which I guess is from the 60s did not quite 'catch-on' in the way that food mixers have.

Glass Coasters

These glass coasters fit like a small sock onto the bottom of a glass, presumably to protect polished surfaces, however I think they would slide around as if on ice.

Floral Prints In Old Oak Frames

Floral prints are also popular and we decided we liked the one on the left and it returned home with us,  the flowers are either Phlox or Sweet Williams.

 A Special Guest On Saturday
Something which I am very pleased to report is that some lovely dogs have visited our fairs recently and I have to say that their owners have behaved very well (sorry I mean the doggies).

Another Sweetie
They all posed wonderfully and I hope they enjoyed the fair and wonder if they tried the cakes. Dogs are something that one does not see enough of at vintage fairs and their continued participation is to be encouraged.

A Handsome Chap

Our fairs always have a number of stalls selling pretty vintage china and original vintage textiles. Embroidered linens and eiderdowns are always sought after and are becoming less easy to find.

Spring Flowers

China and linens are still very affordable and provide one with a very tactile connection to a time that now seems so long ago.

Spot The Parrot
A number of our stall holders focus on more male oriented vintage which is part of our fairs which I value and very much want to maintain.

 Aluminium Propellor

I am sure that this could be put to some useful purpose however I think it's clean sculptural lines are aesthetically pleasing and provide sufficient reason for this once busy object to enjoy a life of leisure.

Two Old Ducks And Some 70s Kitchenware

I really liked these cute (Donald?) Duck figures, showing signs of repair they were once much played with and hopefully treasured.

Vintage Maps

These old OS maps proved to be very popular and the basket was much depleted by the end of the day.

Brooches And Education

Costume jewellery is always very popular, I spent most of the day in the little foyer of the hall sitting opposite this display, my feet getting colder by the minute!

The Exit From The Fair

I would not usually display a picture of the door to the venue however on this occasion I will differ as the door in question was adorned with news of the Olney Christmas Fair. We enjoy visiting the lovely market town of Olney so much that we decided to add an additional date before Christmas.

The Olney Christmas Vintage Fair

We hope you enjoyed the fair and hope to see you again when we return on 15th December. If you want to see the fair again before then we will be in Stamford on 1st December.

Stamford Vintage Fair

Best wishes and see you soon.


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