The Last Light Of Winter & The Dates For 2013

Vintage In The Shires 2013

I have been busy setting the dates for next year, they will be printed on the reverse of the card and will be available next week. I have also been busy getting ready for tomorrow's fair in Stamford. I drove over to Rutland earlier this week and it was great to see posters for the fair had already been pinned up around town.

Thank You Corinna

Many thanks to Corinna who kindly took the time to do this. I have spent today preparing some display boards to hopefully lure people away from the busy shops into the fair.

Fair This Way!

The fair in Stamford takes place in the Ballroom at Stamford Arts Centre which is situated on 
St Mary's Street in the historic town centre area. It is not surprising to hear that the cobbled streets and fine Georgian buildings regularly appear in historical dramas on television, walking past the grand stone house-fronts and through the narrow alleys which connect the main thoroughfares (lined with interesting bars and shops) feels very much like 'stepping back in time'.

Stamford Arts Centre
27 St Mary's Street, Stamford. PE9 2DL.

I am happy to report that a new vintage shop has opened in Northampton called 'Vintage French Finds'. Its situated on Kingsley Park Terrace (very near to where I live). The ladies in the shop are very friendly and they have some lovely items including many original french pieces.

Vintage French Finds
Kingsley Park Terrace Northampton

I particularly liked the window display which had a WW2 theme and once inside I was quickly tempted by a double breasted Italian naval coat, which teamed with an off-white polo neck will complete the 'Norwegian mariner' look.

VE-Day Thoughts

As I was driving home from Stamford the sun was dipping below the green fields bathing the landscape in a wonderful light. There is something about the late afternoon sun on a cold clear winter's day that does much to enhance the appearance of anything it settles on. December will be with us tomorrow and the air has taken on a cold embrace, there might even be snow in the air. I cannot think of a nicer place to be on a freezing day so if you do happen to be in town please come along and say hello.

January - June 2013

I will be blogging about individual events once the remaining fairs of 2012, in Stamford and Olney have taken place.

July - December 2013

I hope to see you at the fair in Stamford tomorrow,and that you have a safe journey.

Best wishes.


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