Yesterdays Fair In Harborough

Lovely Embroidery From Vicky Loves Vintage
Hello everyone, here are some photos from Saturdays Vintage Fair in Market Harborough. As we left a very cold Northampton we entered a winter wonderland. The villages of northern Northamptonshire were shrouded in freezing fog, the trees were covered white and the scene was quite unlike anything I had seen before. As we passed through Kelmarsh the temperature had dropped to minus 15.5 degrees. As we approached Harborough the sun was breaking through, and  it was great to see some of our stall holders waiting patiently in their cars.
Vintage Luggage
Once inside the Three Swans was soon a hive of activity as stall holders arrived and began to set up their stalls, it was great meeting old friends and welcoming people selling with us for the first time.
The stalls looked great as I had a quick walk around before the doors opened at 11. The blotter and luggage caught my eye and were displayed by Vicky from Vicky Loves Vintage. (
So Colourful Vintage Paper & Plastics
David from Paper and Plastics ( joined the fair for the first time and the display looked so bright and cheerful.
Love These Telephones From Paper And Plastics
I then spotted some great kitchenalia from Vicky's The Nostalgic Kitchen.
I Remember Using One Of These Irons In The 70s
However I do not recall using one of these gas irons!
Visit The Nostlagic Kitchen (
When the doors opened at 11am a cold blast of air entered the foyer, a small number of people braved the early cold and were warmly greeted. I hope the splendid sight of all the stalls was sufficient reward for braving the chill air and ice covered paths.
 Tins Look Great Stacked On Shelves
The slow start soon turned into a steady stream of visitors and by 12.30 the area around the door was crowded as people queued to get in.
I Love Peacock Feathers
Once when were staying at The Hunters Inn in the Heddon Vally on Exmoor there was a peacock perched outside our window in the morning.
Rich Patina From A Bygone Time
Some of our visitors had travelled quite a distance to the fair and it was really nice chatting, learning about vintage events in other parts of the country.

Lovely Felt Brooches From Jane SmallBeans
There were some lovely handmade items inspired by original vintage designs, I particularly liked the colourful felt designs (and Im sure I spotted a Fuzzy Felt set on one of the stalls).
Felt Bunnies For Easter (
Considering how cold it remained thoughout the day it was a wonderful turn out, all our stall holders and lots of enthusiastic visitors created a lovely warm atmosphere. 
The Five Hours Passed By And I Realised I Had Only Had A Single Cup Of Earl Grey
At 4 we closed the doors and everyone began to prepare for the journey home. We hope you all enjoyed the fair as much as we did, we are really looking forward to June when we will be back in Market Harborough.
A Present For The Hens From Blighty Boutique (
My concern for our two hens lead me to buying one of these hot water bottles from Amy's Blighty Boutique. Recently I have, rather comically, been placing a rubber hot water bottle in the straw in the henhouse in our back garden when 'the girls' retire for the evening.

It was a lovely day, thanks to everyone who helped to bring such warmth to the coldest day that I can remember.
Station 109 For Everything 40s (
I will be going to one of my favourite shops during the next few days, a long overdue visit to 
Station 109 in my hunt for some 40s boots. I will let you know how I get on.


Angela said…
So good to be able to browse vintage locally! Great selection of stalls and items for sale. Angela
Thank you for a great day! Lovely venue, met lots of friends & customers, old & new. Definitely want to be there again : ) (Let's hope it's not as cold outside next time !!!)

Sharon : )

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